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An exciting new place to publish, and also link to your Wizzley articles.

Zujava is a new site much like Wizzley. You can publish articles and you earn money. A nice clean article page layout, and "Sections" (here at Wizzley we call them Modules) are the basic building blocks when putting together a "Leaf" (article).

Between Wizzley, Squidoo and HubPages it's a little more like Wizzley than the other two. But the revenue model is more like Squidoo.

You don't need an Adsense account, and you get paid out via Paypal (so you will need a Paypal account).



Just like Wizzley you start by first having an idea for an article. Hopefully some thought has been put into it, and it's about a topic that people are actually looking for.

A bit of keyword research will never go astray. And knowing about the subject matter helps too.

Write from your own knowledge or in the very least research the topic and get the facts straight. Then deliver it in a way that others can understand. A spell check will also not go astray.

Once you've finished writing your Zujava Leaf (and I always do it on my computer... in a word processor or text document, you don't want to have an unfortunate crash and lose your hard work) copy and paste it into the Leaf.


Either after I've pasted my content in, or even before, I like to find images that best suit the subject matter. These will either have to be photos you've taken yourself, or are public domain. Or it might come with conditions, for example, you might have to credit the photographers name and/or provide a link to their site or profile page.

Some people rely on a Google Image Search, but those images aren't free. There are plenty of good free stock photography sites out there, just be sure to follow their rules as to attribution.

Next, think about whether or not there are Amazon products that will complement your topic. If I were writing about dogs there are plenty of products you could choose from. Dog toys, accessories (leads, collars, etc), grooming products, even books. Even more specific than that, if you published an article on say Pugs you'll find that there are books (dozens in fact) about that particular breed.

Always keep the product placement in context with the content. Go to the effort to pick and choose the products you think best fit with the theme of your article.


Like Wizzley there's a whole bunch of different Sections (modules) for you to choose from, and when you have time I urge you to experiment, but for now the only other one that I think really stands out is the Youtube Section.

In addition to picking your own uploaded Youtube videos you also have the ability to choose from the thousands of other videos that are on the site. A well chosen video can help better communicate the intention of your article. If article publishing online is like producing a magazine, you can make it all the more exciting and interactive with video.


I've published at a lot of places, not just the ones I've already mentioned (Wizzley, Squidoo, HubPages) and I mentioned them because I like them so much more than the dozen of other places I've signed up to and published a handful of articles.

HubPages always was a bit stricter than Squidoo when it came to publishing quality. And since the Panda update of March 2011 they've tightened the quality further. Squidoo really could do with some housekeeping. Yes, there are some outstanding lenses and exceptional lensmasters, but the amount of rubbish is measured in the tens of thousands (I'm probably being kind by saying that, it's more likely in the hundreds of thousands). Wizzley runs a tight ship. 400 minimum word count, duplicate filtering and also real humans checking the readability of the articles.

Zujava, when it comes to quality, is going to following more in the footsteps of Wizzley than the other two aforementioned publishing sites. Though the minimum word count is going to be 250 words (and of course no upper limit on the word count). But if you are going to go with only achieving the minimum you better make sure it's top notch!

There is also a minimum for Sections, not including the introduction and the comments, you also need to use at least 3 Sections.

Why Should I Publish At Another Site?

Like they say, don't have all your eggs in one basket. It's a good business decision to spread out your assets.

Cross link your articles. Even if you write a lot about one topic, throw a few out there, link to them, or link back to here, or link both ways. Tap into the traffic you have and take the reader with you.

Never republish the same exact article on another site (or even one that has been slightly rejigged). If you've ever read an article written by someone else and then clicked through on a link the author has recommended and you find yourself reading the same article, just somewhere different, you're not going to stick around. Aside from that we could have a long discussion about duplicate content and search engines, but that's something we can talk about another time.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up directly via this link.

I was given the honor of being able to sign up and use the site before it went live and I've already got dozens of articles published across a few accounts. Why don't you come and join me?

And if you're new to Wizzley and you haven't signed up, join me here too!

Updated: 03/14/2012, Glen
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Glen on 05/02/2012

I'm absolutely delight to add Zujava and Wizzley to my online publishing arsenal. I wish there were more sites like these. And I'm glad that there are times I can be the one to announce the launch of these sites to my fellow authors.

katiem2 on 05/02/2012

I have only heard of this site recently. Had no idea it was a newer site, knew nothing about it at all until after having read this introduction to Zujava. Thanks for the heads up on another site for writers to create content.

Tolovaj on 05/02/2012

Hello from another Zujava and Squidoo user. You are perfectly right. It is never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. I can add Zujava is very SEO friendly especially for longer articles (say six, seven hundred words), it is indexed very fast and being there from the beginning gives us a privilege to participate or even co-create some features we would like to have on other platforms, but don't get a chance for that.
Enjoy your Zujava jurney!

Anamika on 02/25/2012

Hi Glen! Happy to be your fan here too! It looks like a cool site and I am definitely joining. Thanks for the information.

NaturalRemedies on 02/07/2012

Hello Glen. Great to see my favorite avatar (yours above) again. (It's rmcrayne from HP.) I joined Zujava through your article link (either this one or HP). I've written an article on shoulder pain, just need to get my photos and video done before publishing.

evelynsaenz on 01/22/2012

Hi Glen, Thanks for the tip on having three modules on Zujava. Thanks for writing the overview here.

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