12 Volt Air Compressor Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A good quality 12 volt air compressor is a recommended auto tool - the five best 12v air compressors reviewed and compared.

A 12 volt air compressor is one of the most popular forms of compressors in and among the car owner and automotive industry. Though you can buy bigger models - a 12v one will do the job perfectly well ... providing you invest in the best quality you can afford.

Lesser quality compressors can leave you nothing short of frustrated and probably wishing you'd spent a few more bucks, so save yourself the agony of resigning yours to the trash can and invest in something that's designed and manufactured well enough to cope with tire inflation.

Featured below are the five best 12v air compressors - each one has been designed to a high standard, manufactured to a level that makes them more than adequate for the job they were created for, plus they're high on value for money and customer feedback.

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

This is the best 12v air compressor and beyond being highly rated it's a compact yet solid little unit that packs enough punch to get the job done. The pressure gauge is located on the top of the compressor, at the rear, and it's big enough to read without issues.

You can switch the power source between the vehicle power supply or an external power supply and it comes with a set of three inflation tips. It will inflate tires up to 31 inches in diameter and for its size - it works pretty rapidly. It's well put together, nice overall design and small enough to stow in the trunk without taking up too much space. Great unit, less than 50 bucks - bargain.

VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor

Viair 85P is a small 12 volt portable compressor with a built-in LED work light, capable of inflating up to 31 - inch tires by simply plugging into your cigarette lighter ...

$69.95  $69.94

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Black & Decker ASI500 12-Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator

This is the second best selling portable 12v air compressor - and it does have mixed reviews. This is a love it or hate it unit, depending on your perspective. For my part it performed well. It inflated a tire without any obvious struggle and whilst not as quick as the previous model - the difference was marginal.

IT has the advantage because it's cordless. You can use a 12 v DC power supply but in the event you're not right next to one and it's charged up, it does the job. Like the VIAIR, it's compact and sits in the trunk almost unnoticed, and comes with a range of appropriate accessories - which you can store on-board the compressor. Digital read-out, inflates anything (within reason) that you can fire air into - and on offer at an attractive discount price.

Black & Decker ASI500 12-Volt Cordless Air Station Inflator

Thanks to its range of innovative features, the Black & Decker ASI500 High-Performance Cordless Inflator makes it easy to get the air pressure you need, whether you're at home ...

Only $114.38

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12 Volt Electric Tire Air Pump w/ Gauge

Another highly popular best selling 12 v electric air compressor is the RAD Cycle unit. It comes with a 3 foot air hose, which is long enough to reach most tires (don't forget it's corded so you've got some length there too) and a set of adapters that will fit whatever you need them to fit.

Again - compact, durable, feels nice and robust. Not overly noisy as these things go and certainly quieter than many - nice easy-to-read gauge, slides and hides in the trunk no problem. Lightweight, something anyone could handle and of offer for under 40 bucks. Steal of a deal - adequate and capable compressor - recommended.

12 VOLT ELECTRIC AIR PUMP w/GAUGE for Tires Bikes Cars Air Matresses

If you are in the market for a portable air pump, stop looking! These high quality/portable pumps feature steel components and are designed to withstand years of use. Now you ...

Only $32.57

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Q Industries HV35 SuperFlow 12-Volt 140 PSI Air Compressor

If you're after a cheap 12 v air compressor - this is it. Less than 30 bucks is definitely a budget friendly price and despite it looking a little small and complacent, it's anything but. It's surprisingly fast at inflating tires - even from the completely depressed level. It's not the quietest I've used but it's not the loudest either.

It's smaller than the picture makes it look and in a large cluttered trunk you'll need to make sure you know where you put it. The cord is 5 foot long, the air hose 3 feet, so you've got plenty of room for maneuver. Decent little unit, comes with a bag - nice and affordable and great for occasional usage.

Q Industries HV35 SuperFlow 12-Volt 140 PSI Air Compressor

This compact and lightweight air compressor stores easily and is designed for light occassional use. It's ideal for inflating flat tires on the road, an air mattress while ...

Only $41.95

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Slime 40001 Power Sport Tire Inflator

This is the last of the best selling 12v air compressors for sale. and it comes from Slime. IF you've ever had a puncture and needed a quick fix - you'll know exactly who Slime are. Known for they're puncture products, they've branched out into air inflation too - and they're not doing too bad a job of it.

This compact, sturdy little unit comes with a range of adapters, a good quality case and will work with any form of 12v electricity. This one even includes an alligator cord/clip so you can juice it up through your battery is necessary. It's so small it's awesome for motorcycle owners and mountain bike enthusiast - also fits in your hand, and bagged up it will slip into most saddle-bag or backpacks. Super compressor, well under 30 dollars - one to buy.

Slime 40001 Power Sport Tire Inflator

Slime's Power Sport Tire Inflator is a versatile, compact air compressor with a capability of up to 300 PSI. It adapts to any 12 volt power source, and includes a main harness ...

Only $30.10

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