5 best free games playable online

by Cromborman

Each and every day a new free game is published. Many of them are nothing special but some of them really tend to be entertaining and popular. Read on to find 5 best free games.

Bomb It 2

Atomic Bomberman clone

Atomic Bomberman is a popular bomb killing game, which was first published back in 1990s. Since then many online versions have been created, yet probably the best one is Bomb It 2. As in the good old Bomberman, players need to destroy their opponents using bombs. In order to succeed it is necessary to pick up some upgrades and extra features, which will make your task much easier. Try to corner your opponent to win. This game is a part of a larger game series called Bomb It. There are 4 parts of this series, but Bomb It 2 is probably the best one. Follow this link to check it out.

Cactus McCoy

One of the best shooting games

Playability, design and short learning curve - these are the three things, which make a good free game. Cactus McCoy has them all. Kill the enemies using various weapons, such as cactus, tree branch, water pipe, spear, pistol or a simple stone. To earn some extra points, do not forget to look for hidden treasures. Beware of bottomless pits. They can be very dangerous. There is also a second part of this game called The Ruins of Calavera. It is however much more difficult to play. Check out Cactus McCoy here.

Mahjong Link

For Mahjong game lovers

Mahjong games are probably the most popular games in China, Japan and India. However many Americans and Europeans like these games as they are very different from any other online game. In Mahjong Link your task will be to collect stones with the same symbols. Click on the stones to clear them. Can you clear the whole board within a short time limit? If you like Mahjong Link there are loads of similar games, which can be played on any good Mahjong game site on the net.

Cover Orange Players Pack

Save oranges from deathly rain

If you like puzzle games, check out this one. It has more than 50 levels. In each of them your task will be to cover the oranges or apples using various items such as barrels or wooden crates so that no rain drop hits them. The game has a very good design and features hours of free and funny entertainment. Check out Cover Orange Players Pack by following this link.

Bubble Struggle 2

Croatian bubble game

Bubble splitting has recently become very popular. This game has first been published in 2002 by a Croatian student who needed money to support him on his studies. Therefore he created this cool game, which now gets played by millions of people every day. Split the bubbles and do not let them fall on your head. Check out Bubble Struggle 2 and have fun. if you like this game, there is a whole community of Bubble Trouble 2 lovers, where new levels are available.

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Updated: 12/03/2011, Cromborman
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