Most popular free zombie games

by Cromborman

Zombie games are very popular. People like them despite the fact that they are scary. Read on to find out which ones are the most popular.

Zombie Trapper

If you like zombie killing in a rather unusual way, check out Zombie Trapper. In this game, you will have to set traps to kill all zombies before they destroy your altar. This sure is one of the most popular zombie games available online. To play the game, follow this link: Zombie Trapper

Zombie Three

This game is for everyone who does not like zombie killing. Many zombie games are violent but this one is quite friendly. Your task is very simple - just move the items in a row or column to get three similar items one next to each other. This is a great example of a zombie connect three game. Check it out by following Zombie Three.

All we need is brain

This game is really killing it and players love it. There are actually two instalments of All we need is brain. The aim of both games is similar - destroy zombies by making them fall in the trap, pit, poison or flames. It is not so easy as zombies are hidden in graves and they only come out if you use a human brain as a bite. Place the brain close to the grave and make sure there is a pit or trap in between the grave and the brain to make zombies fall down. If you want to see what this game involves in more detail, just check out the youtube video below or play All we need is brain now.

All we need is brain - video

Zombie Rumble

If you like castle demolition games, check out Zombie Rumble. Use various types of cannon balls to destroy the castle and all zombies. As the number of shots is limited it will not be very easy to complete individual levels. But I am sure you will eventually succeed. Follow this link to play Zombie Rumble.

Zombie Knight

If you like classic RPG games check out Zombie Knight. This game has more than 20 levels and in each of them you have to kill a given number of zombies. Some levels are very easy but others will be more difficult and when you encounter the boss, it is going to be tough. Luckily you may summon skeletons, litches and other creatures to help you in your fight. Play Zombie Knight and have fun.


Zombies do not like sharp items. In the Impale game you will have to launch the zombies and stick them to various hooks and saw blades. The game has nearly 50 levels. Check out Impale by following this link.


In this game you will be killing zombies using grenades and other explosives. Make sure you aim precisely as the number of shots is limited. Some zombies cannot be destroyed by a grenade and you will have to make them fall on sharp items to get rid of them. Play Zomblower here.


As you can see, zombie games are both funny and entertaining. If you have other games you like do not hesitate to share them with our community by adding a comment below.

Updated: 12/06/2011, Cromborman
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Johan on 07/03/2012

Great list of zombie games. All of these are awesome games. But I would like to suggest you, that you should definitely add Zombie Pandemic - to the list. It's an awesome MMORPG with deep game plays and cool missions.

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