5 Tips For Hiring A Summer Babysitter

by GeorgiaRose

Have you found a summer babysitter? Learn how to hire the best babysitter with these tips and ideas!

Having a babysitter in your home can be a rewarding experience for your family. Children can receive specialized care, while parents observe and monitor the interactions of their children.

As rewarding as it is, hiring a summer babysitter can also be a challenge. It's an important decision, when choosing who will care for your children when you're away. Each family must evaluate their needs, making sure the person they hire will meet them. Below is a list of tips for hiring the best summer babysitter.

Find the best for your family.
Find the best for your family.

1. What Does Your Family Want and Need?

Before hiring a summer babysitter, you must establish what you family's wants and needs. Some great questions to start you out would be:

  • What hours will I need them?
  • How much can I pay?
  • Do I want someone certified in specialized training courses. CPR, etc.
  • Does it matter how long they have been babysitting?
  • What strengths do I want in a babysitter.
  • Do I need them to cook and clean?
  • Will they need reliable transportation?

Start out by making a list on your laptop, cell phone, piece of paper, etc. This list will help you choose the best babysitter for your family. Have the list with you during interviews and ask questions from it. Consider and take note of an applicants answers, their answers will determine if they can meet your family's needs.


Ask Around

Family, friends, and co-workers are a great help in hiring a summer babysitter. They can give you experienced advice and lead you to trustworthy applicants. Ask them about the babysitters they have used and see if they're available for a summer position. If they're not available, ask them who they would refer, and get their contact information.

Be Clear

When interviewing potential babysitters, it's very important to be clear on what you expect from them. Make sure you cover all your bases and that nothing could come up. For example:

  • You forget to mention no visitors, now your babysitter has friends and family hanging out at your home.
  • You didn't ask about allergies, so your babysitter has an allergic reaction from your cat.
  • Your babysitter looks normal and healthy and you forget to ask about health problems. One week later, the babysitter is having daily asthma attacks and unable to care for your children.

As you can see with these examples, you never know what will come up. Better to be safe than sorry, is what we must be when hiring a babysitter. Being clear with each applicant will allow for less confusion and difficult circumstances to arise.


Choose Carefully

As you narrow down a potential summer babysitter, making the right choice can be a weighty decision. Go back to your list of wants and needs. Who makes or surpasses this list?

 Do you have applicants who are looking for permanent work, or content with a summer position? Are they planning any trips that would leave you days without a sitter? Check their references and what others say about them. Consider running background checks and asking additional questions.


Ask your top three potential babysitters to meet your children. You can pay them to care for your children for and hour or two. Schedule this during lunch, nap, or sometime when you know it will be more challenging. You need to see how each babysitter will react and respond to your children.

 Keep your distance or leave. You could also have a friend or family member stay and then you set up Skype, a video monitoring camera, etc., to observe. With the parents being out of sight, the babysitter has complete responsibility, while the parents keep a watchful eye. Note the way the babysitter responds and what they do and don't allow. Those few hours will help you determine if that person is a good fit for your family.

Are you looking for a summer babysitter?

Updated: 05/23/2013, GeorgiaRose
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katiem2 on 05/25/2013

Agreed I find it most troublesome. You have a nice day as well, great having you here.

GeorgiaRose on 05/23/2013

Katiem2- Thanks so much for commenting. Hope those precious children go unharmed around those dogs and trampoline. I've heard of some horrible dog attacks on children, it's not something to take lightly. Hope you have a lovely day~

katiem2 on 05/23/2013

Such good advice, please parents DO OBSERVE as well. There is a lady, whom everyone thinks is a great baby sitter, who gets lots of toddlers in her at home day care... The problem is, being I work from home, see her putting the kids out in the back yard, on the trampoline unattended. Yes I said toddlers! I see the kids out alone all the time in this back yard. This baby sitter has two large dogs we lets out with the kids or inside while they are. I can't understand why any parent would chose a sitter who both has two large dogs and a trampoline! If they only know! I have reported her numerous times, she keeps doing it!

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