Female Burglars: Looks Can Be Deceiving (Part 2)

by GeorgiaRose

The female burglar is back and tries to strike again! Find out how the case was solved and who helped determine her identity.

The story continues as the police get involved and I begin to question neighbors. Just when we think all is well, the mysterious female burglar strikes again. Unbeknownst to the thief, a watchful neighbor obtains evidence that solves the case. Keep reading as I walk you though this true crime story.


Th Police Are On The Scene

It was the next morning after the burglary, when I notice a locksmith in Mrs. Smith's driveway. I later find out, she had her locks changed and was awaiting the police. I tried to stay focused on my morning, but I kept thinking about the burglary.

I had told Mrs. Smith I would ask the neighbors if they had seen anything. Keeping to my word, I first went to the Dawson residence. The Dawson's were a sweet elderly couple and one of the first homeowners in our cul-de-sac.

After I was seated in their home, I told them about the burglary. They both had remembered the car that was parked in front of my home. They never saw the woman and assumed the car was from someone visiting my home. We talked a little while longer and then I headed to the Johnson's home.

Mrs. Johnson wasn't home, and I headed back home with nothing. I wondered if the burglar would ever be caught. Later that day, the police came to Mrs. Smith's home and began taking pictures, asking questions, etc. Seeing they were there, I went to Mrs. Smith's to give them my information.

The police officer wrote down the details of my story and then I headed back home. The days passed and I had almost forgotten the burglary. 


She Strikes Again

I thought I was on the lookout, but the female burglar struck again. Unbeknown to myself, she came back to Mrs. Smith's home. She was bold enough to park her car in Mrs. Smith's driveway and go back to her side door. Mrs. Smith had previously had a key hid by her door and that's what the burglar had used to get into her home. She was in for a surprise, Mrs. Smith had changed the locks on her door, and the spare key was gone. The burglar left, but was quickly spotted by a neighbor.

Mr. Dawson was outside his home when he saw the burglars car. Recognizing the car, he wrote down her license plate number and called the police. A couple days later, two detectives were at my door. They were carrying a piece of paper with a variety of female faces on it. They showed me the paper and asked if I seen the woman who came to my door.

The face I was immediately drawn to, was the woman at my door. She was smiling in the picture and looked friendly. Her brunette hair was styled and adorned with pretty blond highlights. I knew that hair and face, so I told the detectives I believed she was the burglar. They informed me that it was her and that was her driver's license picture. When Mr. Dawson had called the police station and given them the burglars license plate number, they ran it and her license picture came up as a match.

The detectives also told me how rare female burglars are and agreed that the woman didn't have the "look" of a criminal. Later that evening, I went to Mrs. Smith's and told her that I had identified the woman. That's when I was told of the burglar returning to Mrs. Smith's home, and how Mr. Dawson had wrote down her license plate number.

We go on with our lives, a couple of weeks have passed, and Mrs. Smith and I are having a chat. She had went the day before to Ms. Jones court hearing. Ms. Jones was the female burglar and had recently been released from jail.

Ms. Jones court date did not go well, she proved to be a habitual liar, that made the judge frustrated and angry. The judge rescheduled Ms.Jones court date, seeing she tried to to represent herself, and then asked for a lawyer.

Mrs. Smith and I were relieved that Ms. Jones was in jail. We had learned a quite the lesson.  Looks indeed are deceitful!


* Names have been changed to protect the victim's privacy.*


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Updated: 06/12/2013, GeorgiaRose
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GeorgiaRose on 06/12/2013

ologsinquito- Thank you for your encouraging comments! I'm glad you enjoyed both installments. Hope your day is lovely~

ologsinquito on 06/11/2013

Hi GeorgiaRose,

Both of these installments were excellent and a good lesson to us that looks can be deceiving. I still believe most people are good, but we have to be aware that not everyone has the best intentions.

GeorgiaRose on 06/11/2013

EliasZanetti- thank you for your comments. I learned a lot from this unfortunate experience. Hope your day is safe and wonderful~

EliasZanetti on 06/11/2013

An interesting true crime story, Georgia.

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