A Ride Through Love

by Jerrico_Usher

The Definition Of Real Love Experienced

I wrote this long before I met my true love Michelle. My goal was to invoke the law of attraction by rekindling through poetic story telling and descriptive writing, my true love's presence or to push me towards her. When I met Michelle 3 years ago I had no idea how the journey would go. The irony is that it's been exactly as I described in this "Love Letter To My True Love" here.

I wrote this down, rather typed it up one day when I was single and yearning for love and kept it for over 5 years as a file on my desktop. When I looked at the name it reminded me that one day this script would manifest and it did. I publish it here to inspire others to chase love and to write their own letter to your true love if you haven't found her/him yet. I read this over and over throughout the years and what I desired came to fruition and more.

I hope you enjoy it. One note I want to make is that I didn't chop this into short sentences, but rather, to keep in the spirit of the energy of the words as they'd be spoken, I merged sentences together with commas instead of periods. Love flows like this so thus the writing does too. I hope you find it enlightening. It was written from the heart.



The following is a poem not set to rhythm/rhyme so much as written in a "love story" sort of way. The idea is to allow you to swim through my perception of love. Part of how I found love was using the law of attraction. To know what you want and to be able to express it are essential. I hope this helps those still looking for love to see what it feels like from one perspective- mine. This was my "script" and it drew me the perfect love like a love spell :)


Love Abstract

Love's Quilt Is A Blanket Made By Both, Sewn By Love, Time, Experience, Growth, And Nurtured By Keeping It Clean, But Realizing Stains Are Also Part Of The Blankets History (Nothing goes without some form of debate/argument- but it's how you handle them that means growth or hindrance).

There comes a time when security once thought of to be extinct, existing solely in the moment when all is calm and your mind, it seems, isn't free to control your actions, when you realize security isn't a destination but a journey. It's only when in perpetual motion can you feel truly secure, for when you stop you could be squashed. What is fascinating to note is that love makes you feel both stopped and secure, for even when your stopped your racing, focus improves and diminishes at the same time.. Ah love.. it so eludes us yet is easy to understand is it not?

Love is a wonderful gift to your sanity, things escalate but only as fast and efficient as the people controlling its outcome.. So as you gain momentum in the lust of the seductive nature of love, two people feel the perfect freedom of sharing and relaxing the mind through loves massage' both figuratively and literally..

Love generates a look in your face when you look at your lover that is unmistakably sublime, and when you look at me I feel every second of it like holding on to a spark plug wire and touching the side of the car while its running, a shock goes through my system that reboots my worst moods, and when I get up again everything works!


Security is often remembered by the time we were taken care of as a baby

When we were just a baby before our minds were filled with much else than instinct we felt secure, when our mother or loving father held us in their arms and stared into our wondering eyes, our first look at true love, we felt safe. We may not remember that moment in time but we do feel it every time we think we feel that wonderful encompassing effect of love, we call it security but our body and mind feels it as that moment.. Baby powder smells are prominent for bringing back these memories and thus give us happy warm secure thoughts when we smell its allure.. for me your the baby powder reformulated into love.. a deeper memory is forming with every moment I spend with you more..

Security is sewn into your soul like a quilt square is sewn on to add to the growth of a beautiful blanket to keep someone warm and safe. Love gives you a break from belief prisons, its like you fall in love and the world changes and things that seemed impossible or improbable now feel new and exciting like new ideas or new thought.. Old concepts get a new look from your higher vibratory perspective.. and you start to notice flaws in even your own thinking!

Your given an energy by it that's so powerful its self sufficient and energetic, one another starts to throw powerful boomerangs only to get them back with more love and so motivated to throw another she does, he catches midair her love and absorbs amazing clarity into his soul and existence, he exists for her, she for him, love is the blanket and they are collectively the quilt squares, live with history and blemishes (stains?).


Love Is Security In An Insecure World

we completely love our place anywhere, its not where we are but that were together that feel the most safe, but apart we continue to find ways to boost the energy we know we can feel together, and we will soon be together touching and petting, talking like best of friends and breaking for romantic moments of just staring and loving one another, kissing softly with no words, listening only to each others body language.

Having full conversations in trance and seamless transmission of our thoughts to one another.. such amazing conversations create energy like a generator and we both indulge in its energy. A never ending train of euphoria, in a language only we can understand as we live in a world together against the world not separately but as one unit of form. Separating daily only to be fair to the rest of the world and giving of our time and influence positively to those without such happiness.

We affect people every day, because we live in such a high energy state generating so much energy that we influence how people feel in a strong upward direction so were noticed where ever we go by virtue of our effect on people, when were just.. Being ourselves together, there's power in both of us being ourselves, confident and fun. We inspire the charisma that is in everybody to come out by virtue of our showing that we are comfortable in our own skin, giving others permission subconsciously to do the same.

Love gives you an incredible boost in every way, its the most perfect and unflawed example of synergy in motion, self perpetuating energy, like a see saw we balance each other out and ground each other as we are usually not both in turmoil with our lives, simultaneously, and we take care of each other. We talk to one another about everything, or nothing, of spontaneity, of love, of how we adore each other, and sharing of the little things like the time you saw me get up and I didn't see you stare at me, but now I know you were.

The blissful feelings of knowing what amazing feelings your lover has on her mind, conversations of yearning, of missing, of thinking about each other, of the fun we had, how I got mad and you calmed me down and visa verse. Its the love you feel when you get home first and know the other is coming soon and you just cant wait to see them, and you set up the house romantically, but I'm on my way romantically and we land on each others scene and dinner is made, My flowers are fused with your dinner set up and together our romantic gestures make love in the visual displays of synergy


Fire is lit

Staring inspires, body movements become important, lust becomes prominent and candles are lit with passion music is playing, lord of the dance is playing in the background, setting a smooth but fast ambiance, a ramp to the next event of passionate touching, kissing, licking, tasting, you stare at me with devotion and love, I don't even turn around before I feel it and "know" what your doing, the very act of looking at you is just to confirm what I felt was real, a sort of pinch me I'm dreaming kind of thing.

Love unbinds boundaries set in cloth like a wound being tied off to stop the blood from spilling out but we make such amazing cloths and forget to untie them when the wound heals, and by virtue of not untying them we cause a loss of circulation.. Love unties them and allows them to heal more properly, love gives us the awareness we need to liberate our mind from distrust and judgments based on bad filters created from pain.

Love liberates our soul, giving us a timeless glimpse into our "real" world, the here and now not governed by anything but awareness of simply what is "now", love is our vehicle to bliss, our magic carpet to empowerment, not because of love, but because of the freedom it brings, the gentle and kind words from our lovers gestures and trust bring us amazing clarity and from clarity we find incredible awareness and are free...

Love's security warms our hearts and fires up our ambitious side.. Like fuel, the kiss, the passion the love making and the gestures become just another powerful log in the flame of your life.. Of mine.

Make love to her mind and she'll return the favor

When we make love its not the moment but every moment until now, when you touch me your not just a sensation.

To my closed eyes, remembering every smile, gesture, and amazement you gave me.. Little things mean a lot, for they always come back to haunt me in a good way. Your smile creates an explosion in me, the explosion happens when your gunpowder love ignites with my matchstick passion, friction is our ally.


I thank you for being in my life but I thank you more for allowing me into yours, the journey, the destination, and the energy has all been amazing, and continues to surprise me. I love you... I really love you, and now you know why.

Love, real love, is bullet proof, because it becomes a part of you, literally, burned into your memory, your brain, and your heart, reinvigorated every time you even think about them.

To Michelle, Love Jerrico.

Updated: 07/04/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 07/05/2012

Thank you Sannel, It truly is a blessing, and she's so tollerant of what I do for a living too :) which takes a lot of my time but we always find ways, even during me working to spend time together (she often stubles (stumbleupon) while I work and IM's me links she finds that are funny or interesting from the sofa to help me not burn out... there aren't many like her and I think I got the mold :)

Sannel on 07/05/2012

Love is a wonderful gift, and the true love you have for Michelle can not be mistaken. There shall be many more quilt square sewn on to that blanket of love during the life, each square stronger and more colorful, just like your love for Michelle. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and very sweet letter with us. You are so blessed to have found each other, and I wish you both only happiness in life.

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