Alice in Wonderland Costume

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Don't be late this Halloween! Dress in a cute Alice in Wonderland Costume and be the hit of any party!

Alice in Wonderland Costume Ideas

Alice in Wonderland CostumeHave you been searching for the perfect Alice in Wonderland costume? If so, here are a few of our recommended options this year!

It is always fun to dream…to think about going on an exciting adventure. We all like to think our lives are great but the truth is we live pretty routine lives.

You can, however, change this if you really want; especially at Halloween.

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When I was a kid, I absolutely loved to read Alice in Wonderland. It was, perhaps my favorite bedtime story. With the recent release of Tim Burton’s remake, a whole new generation has been introduced to this amazing book; just in time for Halloween.

Alice Halloween Costume

Girls Alice in Wonderland CostumeIt is impossible not to be able to relate to Alice. This lovely little girl has an adventurous spirit and a ton of curiosity.

After following a rambunctious rabbit down a hole, Alice discovers an entirely new world full of excitement and danger.

Tim Burton’s story has Alice returning to Wonderland years later, only to discover it is no longer the world she left behind.

The perfect Alice in Wonderland costume can be found for women of all ages; from young girls to adult women. These outfits are extremely cute and typically are made from pale blue and white fabrics. Furthermore, as these costumes are based upon a children’s classic, most of them are age appropriate as well.

Mad Hatter Costume

Mad Hatter CostumeJohnny Depp really brought this character to life and the Mad Hatter costume is now, perhaps, one of the bestselling Halloween costumes of the past decade.

The Mad Hatter was popular before the release of the movie but has now exploded in popularity.

Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter is unique, colorful and eccentric to say the least. While it is certainly true that he may just be crazy, he is also a lot of fun.

Nothing feels like excitement and adventure quite like a realistic Mad Hatter Costume.

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts CostumeI will admit, in the movie, the Queen of Hearts is perhaps my favorite character. Who could forget how she loves to have a warm pig belly on which to prop her tired feet.

So funny!

A Queen of Hearts costume is a great way to dress up as someone completely different than you do in your daily lives.

This Halloween, rule with a mighty fist and show no mercy! Off with his head!

When it comes to finding the perfect Halloween costume, an Alice in Wonderland costume may just be what you are looking for!

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