Amazing Craft Gin A Power Spirit

by pateluday

Gin is an alcoholic drink quite popular in Europe. It is consumed with tonic soda a sweet carbonated mixer flavored with lime or spruce. The popularity of G&T is gaining ground

Gin belongs to a class of spirits that is basically distilled from quality rye, and the liquor is infused with juniper berries, cardamom, root extracts, and spices which are locally procured by craft distilleries or big breweries... The flavoring agents that find space in this amazing bottle of crazy water are limitless, be they local or exotic, fresh or stored they power the spirit to deliver the highest order of recreation.

The product is well known as G & T a duo that has become world-famous. This combination of gin and tonic not only sweetens the mix but the quinine present accords a sweet bitter taste unique to this magic potion. This potent cocktail is served in all bars and restaurants in Europe...

Osel Dry Gin

Estonian Spirits
Estonian Dry Gin
Estonian Dry Gin

Gin Origin & History

The Story Behind

TonicThe Journey to Stardom

Gin was originally developed from Genever a beverage popular in Holland. It was discovered by the British while fighting the Dutch. The association with soda or tonic soda came over in India whence the British soldiers imbibed it with tonic containing the bitter quinine to protect themselves from malaria. Hence the internecine wars played a role in the development of this spirit, and the duo formed by carbonated tonic is another story.  

Initially sold in pharmacies in Holland as mendicant it was later modified as Genever spirit by a Dutch physicist and given to the soldiers for courage as it turned them into fearsome warriors before entering the battlefield. Thus gin was born as an alcoholic beverage that later becomes popular in England and Spain and the whole of Europe. In the contemporary era, it is the most consumed drink in the World along with the mixer known as a tonic which now contains only a little quinine to impart bitter flavor with much-limited impact. The produce is available all over the world in a number of brands each with its own distinct characteristic flavor.       


Gin And Tonic


Dry or Sweet or Bitter It Should Taste Good

Gin Varieties

Osel Dry GinThough the base distillation is from rye the variation in flavoring agents or infusions brings about a required change in flavor and aroma. Following the market trends and in order to compete, product variation is key to survival in cutthroat competition. The younger generation prefers different types of beverages during celebrations, events, and parties. The older lot have a staid choice of standard G&T they have been consuming since adulthood.   

The dry version of gin lacks sweetness as in the case of Osel Gin from Estonia and the most popular London Gin since both are dry type while the Plymouth is sweet. Another impact that creates the difference in aroma and taste is the infusions used during the distillation process. This is subject to local availability in the initial stage...the neighborhood herbs and spices. But like the case of many spirits, gin too is not labeled due to the geographical confines but it becomes more popular due to the impact of the character.   

In the contemporary era in order to create new tastes and aromas, master blenders infuse mind-boggling exotic herbs, spices, and root extracts since there is no limitation with edible flavors. A new product wins laurels and captures the market whence liked by the tipplers. This is a marketing strategy that thus innovates and saturates the market with thousands of new blends.        

You Tube G&T

Craft Or Boutique Distilleries

Small Distillers

Usually, small craft distilleries are known for the fabulous spirits created by master blenders. They are sold locally, served in bars, and available online as well. These are also known as boutique distilleries the World over. The availability of small distillation and blending equipment has created a new paradigm in the World of consumable liquor. The first impact was seen in the case of craft beer which now proliferates globally and is available even in small towns and tourism destinations.  

The small units often use local flavoring agents but it is the master blenders who create prize-winning products. This applies to all alcoholic beverages and to non-alcoholic ones as well. The latter finds market in countries where prohibition prevents the use of spirits for recreation. 

With much lesser investment and manpower, craft distilleries are able to create a niche and find business in the country of origin before gaining ground globally. Each unit has a distinct product range created using a wide spectrum of flavoring agents and distinct distillation and blending techniques. 


Craft Gin Creation

Craft Gin Creator
Craft Gin Creator

Estonian Gin

Lahhentagge Distillery

Estonian Gin PhotoEstonian Gin or Osel Dry Gin was conceived and created by Lahhentagge Cofounder Maarit living in Lahhentagge Village on the Baltic Sea. It is a short distance from Saaremaa Village on the coastline of the Baltic Sea. The village is a UNESCO Heritage Site (Biosphere Reserve) and boasts of the cleanest air in the World.

Situated in Estonia in Lahhentagge Village the craft distillery has access to the finest herbs, root extracts, and spices. To top it all availability of quality and rich Estonian Rye boosts quality. It facilitates the creation of one of the finest artisan dry gin in Estonia in Europe. Ingredients make a difference to the spirits and so does the recipe and art of blending.     

Maarit is an artist and has learned the art of distilling fine spirits. She specializes in this task and her success is much to her skills. The result of the efforts is the finest spirits that the unit produces since 2016. The Estonian tonic, Flaneur non-alcoholic beverage, and Toonik lemon-flavored tonic soda are fast gaining ground in the market thanks to superior taste and aroma.        

Ebay Gin

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pateluday on 11/06/2020


DerdriuMarriner on 11/04/2020

pateluday, Thank you for the practical information -- especially about gin's history -- and product line.
Is it known whether the amount of tonic quinine in gin and tonic is sufficient to be anti-malarial?

pateluday on 10/13/2020

You need licence to distill alcohol and sell commercially almost everywhere. Accumulation of toxins in drink is dangerous. Thanks for comment.

pateluday on 10/13/2020

You need licence to distill alcohol and sell commercially almost everywhere. Accumulation of toxins in drink is dangerous. Thanks for comment.

frankbeswick on 10/12/2020

In the UK distilling without a licence is illegal, but there are those who argue that freeze distillation is not distillation, but concentration. However ,it concentrates toxins as well as alcohol, a problem that is not too bad in the case of beer, but dangerous when making applejack. In the UK applejack is sometimes known as cider brandy and is legal if made by a licensed distiller.

What is legal in the UK is to take commercially produced vodka and infuse it with botanicals, resulting in a gin of your choice.

pateluday on 10/12/2020

Thanks all

pateluday on 10/12/2020

Craft Beer was probably the first introduction, and then came the spirits. People master blending and distillation techniques, and availability of small distillation equipment create small units. The crux is small distilleries have greater creativity at their helm using vast range of additives and freedom to experiment. Big company stick to standard taste and aroma in fear of losing their brands worth. Small distilleries produce spectacular blends - well some of them - and become commercial prospects. These craft distilleries are flourishing everywhere even in countries where ideological or puritanical hesitations are there. Thanks for comment. .

pateluday on 10/12/2020


Veronica on 10/10/2020

Specialised gin from small distillers is very popular in Britain now.
There are tiny companies everywhere selling various fruit flavours and types....even a Manchester company where people can spend a day making their own gin to their own choice of ingredients. They take their small bottle home.

A great idea for a page Thankyou.

blackspanielgallery on 10/07/2020

I was aware of small craft beer operations, but small gin crafting is new to me. It is great you add history to the article.

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