Own an Original American Declaration of Independence

by JoHarrington

Or a first edition copy of the sheet music for 'The Star Spangled Banner'. Or a prop from 'Star Wars'. You never know what will turn up on Amazon Collectibles.

I had a double take, reading it again to see if my eyes deceived me. What the title and photograph suggested was true. It really was for sale.

This was the US Declaration of Independence, as displayed for all to read in Pennsylvania, USA. There was a certificate of authenticity; and it certainly looked the part.

If you had been on Amazon that day, and you had a couple of million dollars to spare, then you could have owned that historical document right now. But that's not all. Amazon Collectibles is a treasure trove of rare items to own.

Star Spangled Banner First New York Edition 1816

By the time that you read this, the sheet music may already be gone. These collectibles are snapped up fast!

Collectibles as Investments for your Future

There's no such thing as a surefire deal, safe from all risk. But certain purchases are as close as you can get.

Image: American Declaration of IndependenceInvestments come and go.  Half the time you have to be taking a gamble.  Will this ornament or souvenir be the one worth millions in years to come?  Will those shares really soar high with the market?  Will the endowment policy really cover my mortgage in twenty years' time?

But one way to take the guesswork out of it is to purchase something which has already stood the test of time.

Original historical documents belong in a museum.  But if they're on the market, then their value will never deplete. 

Of course, you have to choose the right thing.  You must do your homework.  Is this item really as rare as its purveyor suggests?  Is it actually one of a kind?  Will its history speak for itself or is there a chance that fashions will change?

When an original print of the American Declaration of Independence is involved, then the answer is probably that it's a great investment.  Which is why it was bought within hours of appearing on Amazon Collectibles.  A lot of money changed hands with that one.

It's not just political history that is represented there.  The world of sport and entertainment is where the bulk of memorabilia originates. Some of it is for collectors only - like pristine posters of obscure B-movies or modern day celebrity items.

No-one knows how valuable an autograph of Justin Bieber may be in ten or twenty years. It may fade with the star; or get cast into the stratosphere, if his longevity is fixed. But you can take a punt on an autograph of, say, Charlie Chaplin.  His fame has already stayed the course.  It's unlikely to fade away now.

What Kind of Things Appear in Amazon Collectibles?

You name it and it's there. The selection changes regularly, as great items are bought and more come onto the market.

Image: Ronald Reagan

At the time of writing, nearly $300,000 would net me an entire collection of personal correspondence between President Ronald Reagan and a fan. 

It covers a span of over fifty years, beginning from his film star days and ending up in politics.  It also includes letters from his mother Nelle and wife Nancy.  A true glimpse into the life and mind of one of America's most prominent figures.

For the less wealthy collectors, $35 would buy a prop from the TV series, The Pacific.

There are instruments belonging to or autographed by the likes of Paul McCartney, BB King, Bruce Springsteen or the Monkees.

In the world of sport, there are helmets galore.  Some have protected some very famous heads over the years.  You could even take home an authenticated piece of the Yankee Stadium turf; or a framed photograph of a legendary NASCAR driver.

It's difficult to say what will be there when you investigate, because unique souvenirs have a tendency to appear just once.  Then they're grabbed by whoever was on at the time with the funds and the desire to own them.

My personal distraction was the original film props from geek classics like Star Wars, 2001: Space Odyssey and, of course, Ghostbusters.

Even if you haven't the bank account credit to purchase something for yourself, it is worth checking the section out.  It's like wandering through a cyber museum or a world of fond memories.

Happy hunting!

Original Movie Props on eBay

It's not just Amazon in on this act. Items turn up for auction on eBay too, though do ensure that they are authentic before parting with hard cash.
Updated: 01/24/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 11/30/2012

I love that the barrier was that you weren't on Amazon. Your secret millions have been outed! LOL

I've seen that show! Is it set in a kind of warehouse shop? Three men and a woman? I saw one where they had an original 'Gone With the Wind', signed by Margaret Mitchell.

Shows like that are quite popular in Britain. I can think of three off the top of my head. It always makes you wonder what you have in the attic.

Ember on 11/29/2012

'If you had been on Amazon that day, and you had a couple of million dollars to spare, then you could have owned that historical document right now.'

Aww shucks! Unfortunately I wasn't on Amazon that day so I guess I didn't really have a shot at owning it.

That is crazy that a real document like that was for sale, I kind of want to see what else they've got around. There's this random show my dad likes to watch, where these guys help people who want to auction their stuff. Every episode was different. I just remember this one, where this guy had like a draft issue for the Civil War or something like that... It was apparently a very generic letter, except for the fact that it had Abraham Lincoln's signature on it. So, I guess thousands of these exact letters, with his signature, and addressed to various recipients, but otherwise totally identical ...But because it had his signature, the single document had a pre-auction estimated worth of several thousands of dollars. I can't remember what the bidding started at, but they had buyers who were like Lincoln or Civil War aficionados, including people who heard it would be on auction but couldn't be there in person, calling in to bid on it... It basically sold for a whole lot more than it was even estimated as being worth. Crazy. I think about some things my dad owns, or used to own, passed down to him from his father from World War II. Like, I know he used to have a Nazi flag, but he said he had to get rid of it, because it seemed evil and it made him sick. I'm not sure what else he's got, though. I dunno if he could ever sell anything he still has on something like Amazon Collectibles, but I wonder what they'd be worth if he did.

JoHarrington on 11/24/2012

LOL! It's so hard to tell, not being an expert. But I fear probably not...

kate on 11/24/2012

i used to collect autographs when i was younger and i have quite a large collection. I wonder if i would regret selling them online? Mind you... do you think there's a big market for 1980s west midlands sport stars signatures?

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