American Flag Red White Blue Comforter & Bedding Sets

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American flag bedding and comforter sets like these will instantly transform your bedroom into a red, white and blue patriotic statement that's the all-American.

Stars and stripes bedding makes for an ultimate focal piece, where its instantly-recognizable bright, contrasting hues capture the eye and hold it in admiration and respect. And what better color combo than red, white and blue to warmly welcome guests?. Scroll down for a look at several American Flag bedding sets and helpful suggestions on melding your love for red, white and blue and the splendor of America's stars and stripes into your space.

American Flag Bedding Set with Bold Stripes: an Amazing Focal Piece

I Love America: Red, White and Blue American Flag Bedding Set

Getting started with any new theme begins with a 'splash' of bold patterns and/or color, and it's quite obvious with these red, white and blue comforters and bedding sets that there's plenty of WOW! to go around. 

Ideally, your focal piece should contrast with its surrounds as it introduces your theme in a fresh and welcoming fashion. Too, your focal point should hold the eye a bit longer than the other, supporting artwork and accessories.

I like the wall color in these model rooms, as paint should support your bedding without being the main attraction. Go subtle with your paint where you have such striking elements in your bedding like the American Flag these sets boast.

Having a strong hue on your walls will diminish the wow-effect of your stars and stripes bedding. Allow your focal piece to take center stage and be the show-stopper it's intended to be.

Aren't these bed sets amazing?

American Flag Bed Set with Horizontal Red, White and Blue Stripes


Widen Your Bedroom Space with Red, White and blue Stripes

Obviously, we can't make a room 's floor space grow wider with the simple addition of several red, white and blue stripes but we can certainly create the illusion of a wider bedroom space.

Much like what the fashion mags tell us, "Don't wear horizontal stripes; they don't meld well with wide hips." It's true of any stripes, anywhere. Because the striping is on the bedding's lower half, your narrow space can take on new widths.

Who knew?

Tricks O' the Trade: Making Your Space Appear Larger


Budget-Friendly 'Weathered' Red, White and Blue American Flag Bedding Set

USA American Flag Red, White and Blue Budget-Wise King Size Comfort...

As long as I'm on the subject of creating new space--or the illusion of more space--I've one more decorating tip up my sleeve: area rugs.

Placing a rug at a sharp angle, tucking one corner under your bed, create the appearance of more space. The diagonal arrangement in a squarish room results in an instant transformation, where your bedroom looks a bit bigger.

With a red, white and blue palette, you'll have a choice of hues to pick from. I would opt for a sold area rug in either or the three colors. If you feel your bedroom needs more red, add a red rug, etc. I love it.

I'm a big fan of getting the whole bedding ensemble in one fell swoop, so I was happy to see these impressive stars and stripes bed-in-a-bags that include a matching flat sheet

This red, white and blue bedding sets also have a matching pillow sham that's not so 'matchy-match' which I can appreciate for its layering effect. It's never good to have too much of one design, color size, etc (as I'll talk about later).

Indeed, these stars and stripes bed sets are quite a package and makes easy work of your bedroom's biggest asset: the bed.

Another Theme to Consider: Nautical Vintage

Another decor scheme for red, white and blue bedding I appreciate is nautical vintage with stars and stripes complementary pieces here and there.

I suggest using reclaimed and rustic pieces or you might appreciate the look of a quick sand-through of a vintage chair, where just enough finish is sanded to reveal bare wood. it's an easy process that can yield fabulous results.

Look for vintage pieces on ebay like ship wheel clocks or thermometers, or hang a lifelike ship wheel in a prominent corner and support your nautical theme with similar wall art. Once you get started with theme pieces you'll be hooked.

Isn't this quilt fabulous?

Red, White and Blue Stripes & a Word of Caution

Keeping Your Stars and Stripes Attractive


I’ve been prattling on about what a strong and visually stimulating the stars and stripes theme is, so it goes to say you’ll need to keep control of all those stripes, lest your room be overrun with dizzying lines that you can’t blink away– no matter how hard you try.

While you want your American Flag theme to be memorable, a hypnotic state is not where you want your guests to take away from all your efforts.

Keep your themed pieces large and to a minimum; choose one large statement like bedding and be selective on your other red, white and blue additions.

One large, theme piece has much more of an impact than do three or more small ones.

Too many little dust-catching knickknacks render a space busy and cluttered–not the look you want for a restful bedroom.

Vintage Decor: Using Americana Style Bedding Sets


More conservative stars and stripe quilt sets like this one are Americana style with their telltale red, white and blue in a more muted tone.

If you're looking for a vintage design element that's more of the historical ilk, quilt bedding sets like these are a great option, paving the way for other great accessories like vintage artwork or heirloom pieces.

Old sewing machine cabinets, or even spinning wheels and old oil lamps are good options for themed, Americana decor.

If you've an antique bed, quilts are spot-on choices followed by supporting vintage pieces that are genuine or reproduced.

Personally, I'd opt for real period pieces, as they're easy to obtain on ebay and other venues like flea markets and estate sales.

Simply begin with great red, white and blue Americana quilts and other bedding any of like these and you're off to a fabulous start.

Keeping Your American Flag Bedroom Reasonable:

Working with a Budget

Sticking to a budget while decorating means being a bit more diligent in your quest for stars and stripes themed pieces, that much is true, but cutting corners doesn't mean sacrificing at every twist and turn, forsaking the things you love.

These American flag sham (a decorative pillow case) and red, white and blue reversible stars and stripes throw pillow can be a perfect complement to nondescript bedding like solid color comforters. With their visually stimulating value, these pieces can trump up the plainness of your bedding, instantly introducing your space's theme.

I like to consider keeping to a budget more of a challenge than an impediment. It's pieces like these fun pillow accessories that make the thrill of the hunt worthwhile. don't you agree?


Something to Think About: Is It a Pillow or a Cover?

Pillows and accessories can get pricey for sure and as I mentioned above, keeping to a budget is a must no matter what that money amount is.

I've found with accent pillows--unlike this one--might not be what you think. It's very common nowadays to see a pillow image but really, you're only getting a pillow cover. This means you'll have to provide your own pillow, much like a bed set's pillow case.

Make sure you're looking a full-on pillow and not a cover if the actual pillow is what your budget calls for.

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