Antique Kitchen Scales

by Digby_Adams

Choose between these antique and vintage kitchen scales to give your kitchen decor an authentic link to past chefs.

Everyone needs a kitchen scale. You can turn to a sleek and new modern version in stainless steel with a digital readout. You can also choose an antique kitchen scale that will remind you of the cooks that came before. I live in a 19th Century Farmhouse and when I use antique kitchen tools I do feel that link. I don't use many antique appliances. But the old kitchen scales weigh a pound of hamburger just as well as the sleeker new ones. I found mine in the barn after we bought the house and were rehabbing it. Cleaned it up and refurbished it, did a test with a roast to make sure it was accurate. If you aren't as lucky as I was to find an antique kitchen scale lying around, the next best thing is to take a look on ebay. All the scales you see for sale here are selling on ebay today.

Primitive Antique Columbia Kitchen Scale
Primitive Antique Columbia Kitchen Scale

If you want to use a beat up scale just put some wax paper on it before you place your food on it. 

Coumbia kitchen scales were quite popular in the early 1900s and you won't have any trouble finding one, if you decide that it would compliment your home decor. You'll find that they are categorized as either vintage, antique or primitive. It some ways which designation is chosen reflects the age of the kitchen scale. Usually kitchen scales from the 1940s and 1950s are designated as vintage, 1960s have recently become mid-Century. Generally antique scales are from the early third of the 20th Century and before. When something is listed as primitive it conjures up an image in my mind of a distressed home accessory in bleak tones of grey - almost in an American Gothic style.

You'll find Columbia home scales in a variety of styles. I've even seen one in original gold paint. So however old it gets, it probably won't develop a primitive feel to it. In addition to a rare gold color, I've seen lots in black and a few in white. These are not lightweight items. I don't schlepp mine across the kitchen counter or move it to different cooking spaces. My husband and I have no intentions of ever moving anywhere again in our lives, so we don't have to consider packing and shipping it across the state or country.

Antique Columbia Kitchen Scales

Find it on ebay!

Antique American Family Co. Scale

Beat Up But Still Working
Some People Prefer Not to Restore Antiques
Some People Prefer Not to Restore Antiques

You can find fantastic primitive and antique pieces on ebay. But read those product description very carefully to make sure that they aren't antique style or antique repros. You also have to decide how much of the scale needs to be authentic. On some antique coke machines or pool tables this can be an issue, usually with antique kitchen scales this isn't a huge issue. But it never hurts to ask.

The first thing I'd check is the paint. Is the paint original or not. If you are thinking about buying antiques as an investment, then this could be an issue. Then look at the working parts. Have any of them been repaired or replaced. If they were repaired how was it done. Did it change the way the scale works in any way. If parts were replaced were authentic manufacturer parts used. If the wrong parts were used, it can destroy the value of an antique. That's why you'll see such a huge market for antique parts like handles and springs. 

When I look at a scale for the first time now, I always look at the quality of the scale face. Is it attractive is it easily read.

Antique Primitive Kitchen Scales

Great Bargains on ebay!
Bottom of an Antique Hanson Scale
Bottom of an Antique Hanson Scale

When you're shopping for antique kitchen appliances and tools, you should be aware that the instructions are often on the bottom. The value of any of these is enhanced by complete and well-preserved operating instructions. Of course, antique appliances were much simpler to operate and repair than the digital ones we love so much today.

It's also so much more important to know exactly what you're buying and who you're buying it from. You might think that it's easier to do that in person. But think again. How much do you hear from other customers when you're in a local antique shop, about previous purchasers. Sure if the antique shop is truly in your town you might know this, but what about the antique store 30 miles away. Well, on ebay you can always check out a seller's Positive Feedback Rating. You can see how many items they've shipped and how many buyers have been happy with the experience.

If you ever have any questions about a time for sale on ebay, be sure to email the seller and ask for clarification. The ebay sellers I know work very hard to keep their Positive Feedback Rating near 100%.

Antique or Vintage Hanson Kitchen Scale

Antiques Galore on ebay!

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