Antique Platinum Estate Diamond Engagement Rings

by Regi_B

If you want to woo your love, you have to do it with something unique -- something she will coo over, and something she will cherish.

That "something" may well be an estate platinum diamond engagement ring.

Platinum is precious. I assume if you are about to propose, precious is your dear love, as well. (Please forgive the awkward wording. I am a somewhat awkward guy.)

In this article, I am advocating you purchase an estate diamond ring for the object of your affection. Why? Because buying an estate ring is a great way to be "green".

The green mantra is "reduce, reuse, recycle." What better way to do that when ring shopping than to buy an engagement ring that already made a couple of people who lived before you happy!

When I proposed to my love, it was with an estate diamond ring. She was very pleased.

You can equally please your dear one, with an antique platinum estate diamond ring.

The Best Place to Buy Platinum Estate Engagement Rings Online

I am of the strong opinion that estate engagement rings are a good thing, and that the best place to buy one online is eBay.


Bid on an antique platinum estate diamond engagement ring now on eBay!


Buying an estate ring on eBay will save you time, and you may well find a bargain, too!

Estate Platinum Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings

As with many things in life, when you shop for a platinum engagement ring from an estate, you have options.

This is good because some lovely ladies like diamond solitaires, while others like them accompanied with other stones.

If your hopefully bride-to-be might prefer a diamond solitaire, you can find a number of them on eBay.

European Estate Platinum Engagement Rings

Also on eBay, I found some nice European-inspired platinum engagement rings.

As these rings are from estates, you know you will be buying something with a history, and something unique. While rings bought at the mall jewelers are new, they are not unique.

Your bride might go her whole life and not see another engagement ring like the estate platinum ring you will give her. That is pretty special.

Estate Platinum Rings with Filigree

You may be pleased to know that there are estate platinum engagement rings adorned with filigree available for sale online.

If your special one likes "frilly" things, filigree will appeal to her.

Such ornamentation on an estate engagement ring is eye-catching, and it hearkens to a bygone time.

If something elegant and antique speaks to you, then a filigreed platinum diamond engagement ring from an estate is the thing.

Where to Propose

In case you need a little help with places to propose, here are some ideas. Remember -- most of all -- I am a comedian, and this is your romance, so you know best where to propose, in the end.

  • The food court,
  • Dave & Buster's,
  • At the salon, in between the "mani" and the "pedi",
  • Arkansas,
  • Under a hurricane sky,
  • South of the Border (the one on America's I-95),
  • In coach.

If you buy an antique estate platinum engagement ring on eBay, please let me know where you propose in Comments.

Updated: 04/25/2012, Regi_B
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