Archway Bells & Stars Sugar Cookies

by StevenHelmer

My wife picked up a package of these a few days ago. Read to find out what I thought of them.

Product Description: Pre-packaged bell and star-shaped sugar cookies from the Archway brand. My wife picked up a package of these a couple weeks ago at one of our local grocery stores because she found them on sale for $2.50 per package (I believe this is about $1.50 less than what they normally sell for at that store). We opened the package a couple days ago and have been eating some of the cookies as a snack since.


Archway CookiesWe actually have quite a bit of junk food in my house, thanks mostly to my parents sending quite a bit of it home with the kids. So, when I saw my wife had purchased this product, I honestly had to resist rolling my eyes because I thought it was a waste of money. However, after opening these and giving them a try, I definitely have warmed up to this purchase.

One of my biggest concerns about this product when I saw it was whether or not the cookies would be fresh. After all, they were already baked and pre-packaged. Considering fresh-baked sugar cookies don’t stay fresh all that long, I did half expect to open these up and discover they were already stale.

This, however, was not the case. They definitely weren’t as fresh as fresh baked. However, they were much fresher than I was expecting them to be. I would compare these to the cookies we’ll sometimes get from the bakery section at some of our local stores, the ones that aren’t quite fresh out of the oven but are only a couple days old.

Another thing I did like about this product was the taste. Since they were sugar cookies, I wasn’t really sure what to expect because we’ve had plenty that had way too much sugar in them. I like sweet foods. But, there is such a thing as being too sweet. This, again, turned out not to be a problem. The cookies had a decent sweetness to them but didn’t cross into the too-sweet category. Overall, I would have to say they definitely exceeded my expectations in that category.

Final Opinion

Again, I had my doubts about this product when my wife first brought them home and, if I had a choice between these and homemade, I would definitely choose the latter. However, these did prove to be a decent treat and this is a product I would recommend if you are looking to have some sugar cookies but don’t feel like baking them yourself.

My Grade: B

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Updated: 01/03/2017, StevenHelmer
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DerdriuMarriner on 03/08/2022

StevenHelmer, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.
Once again, I appreciate knowing about bagged, boxed or frozen products that come in handy when the number of guests or of re-serving requests goes beyond what I anticipated with fresh, home-made foods.

What kind of junk food would your parents send you all's kids home with?

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