Art Deco Estate Diamond Engagement Rings

by Regi_B

When choosing a diamond ring for your wedding proposal, consider one with established style and a "back story".

When we shop for an engagement ring, we seek something that will "wow" our woman, but also something symbolic of love -- a transcendent ring, if you will.

In my own life, I sought a ring that I felt was conflict-free. You cannot always ensure this -- but I wanted something that was at least, long-removed from conflict.

In my case, I chose an art deco estate diamond ring with which to propose to my wife. She smiled from ear-to-ear, and said, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" to this lucky bum. (Honestly, she said it as soon as I asked. Her gaze only turned to the ring after my proposal.)

Looking at the estate ring I had chosen, my love knew she possessed an engagement ring like she would not likely see on another's finger. This was no mall-bought, mass-produced item. No!

Hers was an engagement ring from a century ago -- one that had symbolized marital bliss before, and would now do so for her.

You can similarly propose marriage to your true love with an art deco-style estate diamond ring bought online, and I have written this article to show you the way.

Do enjoy, and here is to your marital bliss!

How to Buy Art Deco Estate Diamond Engagement Rings Online

The key to getting what you want is often just knowing where to get it. In the case of estate Art Deco engagement rings, the best place to get what you are looking for is eBay, hands down. Given eBay's nature as the leading online auction site, you may be able to find your darling's perfect engagement ring while saving money. That's what people "in the know" call a "win-win". ;-)


Bid on Art Deco Estate Diamond Engagement Rings at eBay Now!


More on Art Deco engagement rings follows.

Art Deco Means Pedigree and Filigree

When you buy an art deco ring from an estate, you are purchasing something with a pedigree. At least, it can be so. (Go with me, here. We will get to a happy place together, and help you get to marital joy land with your soon-to-be fiancee. So, where were we -- yes, "pedigree".)


We are not all endowed with a pedigree, and not all engagement rings are equal. With an art deco estate engagement ring, you can "make up" its back story, and thereby heighten the romance.


Sure, life has its ups and downs. What you give your bride-to-be with an estate engagement ring is something that has brought smiles to another, and now it can bring smiles anew -- to your true love and you.


Often, art deco rings feature filigree. To give you an idea what "filigree" means when it comes to art deco rings, here are some examples

Filigreed Art Deco Estate Diamond Engagement Rings at eBay

Art Deco Estate Engagement Rings with White Gold

These rings tend toward less yellow gold and more white gold. Perhaps, it was a sign of the times.

In any event, you can find some nice blended gold art deco diamond rings -- with both yellow and white gold. The two-tone nature of these rings is eye-catching to say the least.

If your lovely lady is more of a white gold lover, you have lots of options on eBay.

White Gold Estate Art Deco Engagement Rings on eBay

Platinum Art Deco Estate Engagement Rings

One way in which diamonds go down easy is attached to platinum. The beauty of the diamond and platinum combo plays a delightful tune.

Your beloved may indeed find an estate art deco platinum diamond engagement ring to be music to her ears, or better still, her heart.

To the right are two platinum diamond art deco engagement rings available on eBay right now.

Estate Platinum Art Deco Engagement Rings on eBay

Art Deco Estate Diamond Engagement Rings with Sapphire Enhancements

I do admit a liking of sapphires -- especially as an accent to a diamond. Perhaps, the object of your affection would like it, too.

While the style of art deco is about a century old, it has a timelessness to it -- one that really beckons the eye and the heart, in the form of a blue and white diamond-sapphire engagement ring.

Updated: 04/23/2012, Regi_B
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