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by nickupton

Lego Star Wars is perfect for young and old fans of both Lego and Star Wars; the Bounty Hunter Aurra Sing is just one of the characters made into a Lego mini figure.

The Aurra Sing Lego mini figure is based on the character who features in the Clone Wars animated series which is a spin-off from the original Star Wars movies, and this Lego mini figure is only available with one Star Wars Lego set: LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship.

On this page I will introduce you to the Aurra Sing LEGO mini figure and the review the set that she is contained in.

I hope you enjoy looking at Aurra Sing LEGO.

Aurra Sing Lego Mini Figures

With the Aurra Sing mini figure Lego has really turned its attention to detail and her bright topknot hair is particularly cool. Aurra Sing comes with snow white skin and a fun printed face with feline eyes and a wry smile which she provides to her victims before she deals with them. The torso of this Lego mini figure is printed to reflect the style of her dress in the Clone Wars series and the printing on her legs is very nice, supplying her with printed holsters for her weapons; two pistol blasters. This is a cool Star Wars Lego mini figure, rare, detailed and it will be prized by collectors.

Aurra Sing comes supplied with blaster pistols but she can also turn her hand at wielding lightsabers and do battle with Jedis, so this mini figure can be enhanced with the addition of an expanded armoury.

Remember, the Lego Aurra Sing mini figure is only available in the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship model although a number of independant merchants sell the figure individually on Amazon and eBay.


The Aurra Sing Lego mini figure is based on the bounty hunter from the Clone Wars animated series.

Only $13.99

Bid For Aurra Sing Lego On eBay

Who Is Aurra Sing?

Aurra Sing, was trained as a Jedi Padawan apprentice, but she renounced the Jedi Order and became a ruthless bounty hunter whose specialities were political assassinations and hunting Jedi, with at least four defeated Jedis to her name. Aurra Sing joined the gang of the notorious Cad Bane and was briefly the guardian and mentor to a young Boba Fett. She eventually became an Imperial Agent at the service of Darth Vader.

Aurra Sing is seen very briefly at the podraces in Episode 1; The Phantom Menace but features more prominently in the animated series, The Clone Wars. She also appears in several Star Wars digital games.

Aurra Sing's Weapons

Aurra Sing's weapons of choice were two dual-triggered blaster pistols, which her mini figure carries. She also used a variety of laser rifles and, occassionally, the lightsabers of Jedi that she had killed.

Blaster (Long) - LEGO Star Wars Accessory

You can never have enough blasters for your LEGO Army!

Lego Lightsaber Lot- 3 Different Colors with Hilts


For those Star Wars fans who want to know more about this character, her full biography can be found on Wookiepedia's Aurra Sing page.

LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship 7930

LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship 7930
LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship 7930

LEGO Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship

Bounty hunter Sugi leads her band of mercenaries, Embo, Aurra Sing and IG-88, into paid missions to kidnap or protect, depending on how her mood takes her and who is paying. The bounty hunter crew pilot their Halo gunship through the galaxy and will even take on Jedi and capture them, confining their prisoners in a special holding cell in the ship.

The Lego Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship is one of the Star Wars 2011 Lego sets and is based upon the Halo starship owned by the female Zabrak bounty hunter and mercenary, Sugi. 

Lego fans can recreate the missions of these bounty hunters, who are on hire to the highest bidder, with this easily-built 389 piece model which is highly detailed and sleek in appearance. This Star Wars Lego spaceship looks really cool with its distinctive dark green and yellow colour scheme and it uses a number of Lego bricks which are specially made for this set.

The cockpit at the front of this ship opens up to take the mini figures but it is not really possible to seat all four at once, however, the rotating engines that tilt for take off and landing are really smart features that make playing with this model fun as are the moving laser cannons for gunning down enemies.

This is a really high quality Star Wars Lego model, rated highly by customers young and old, measuring nine inches long when complete.

The Lego Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship retails for between $40 and $50 in USA and can be found on both and eBay.

LEGO Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship Details

  • Pieces: 389
  • Age: 8-14
  • Lego No: 7930
  • Minifigs: Aurra Sing, Sugi, Embo & IG-88 Assassin Droid
  • Year: 2011
  • Theme: The Clone Wars
LEGO Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship 7930

bWhile the outcome of The Clone Wars hangs in the balance, bounty hunters are out to capture the Jedi Knights!/bWith rotating engines for flying and landing modes, opening ...

$230.99  $204.99

Do You Have Aurra Sing Lego In Your Collection?

Star War Lego Bounty Hunters

Star Wars Lego Bounty Hunters

Aurra Sing is just one of an ever-growing number of Star Wars Lego Bounty Hunter mini figures. Fans of the series of movies and of Lego can browse the whole collection of these mean characters from Greedo and Boba Fett to Cad Bane and Aurra Sing, there are bounty hunters from the original trilogy and also from the expanded universe.


More Star Wars Lego

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The Lego Star Wars series is perfect for young and old fans of both Lego and Star Wars; Lego Jawas are just one of the many characters that have been made into Lego mini figures.
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DerdriuMarriner on 08/09/2021

nickupton, Thank you for pictures, practicalities and products.
Is it possible that the idea of having a female bounty hunter in 1999 and 2008 Star Wars-related releases influenced by Domino Harvey's career as the rare women among bail recovery agents?

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