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by lou16

Celebrate Australia with a cool Australia T Shirt whether you’re a fair dinkum Aussie or just someone who loves the lucky country you’ll love these Australia t shirts.

Buy Australia T Shirts Online

There are some great Australia shirts available to purchase, but unless you’re living in a tourist area of Australia they can be hard to find except when you look online.

My favourite place to purchase Australian shirts online is Zazzle, I’ve mentioned this print on demand company many times in my writing and for good reason – great design + good quality = happy customer!

There are many Australian flag style shirts available to buy, but I particularly like shaped like Australia like these two designs –

The Australian Coat of Arms T Shirt

This cool shirt shows off Australia’s Coat of Arms which leads me to an interesting piece of trivia to share with you.   Did you know that Australia is the only country in the world that eats both of the animals on it’s coat of arms.   I’m not really sure what that says about Australia, but out of the two animals depicted – the red kangaroo and the emu the kangaroo is really seen around the world as a symbol of the country.

Kangaroo T Shirt

An Australia Inspired Shirt

As Kangaroos are seen as a symbol of Australia it seems appropriate to include some Kangaroo t shirts on this page of Australia t shirts.   Ten years ago I lived in an area where I could drive down to a local reserve and see kangaroos as cars slowed down and parked the kangaroos would seem to stand up straighter and go really still before they suddenly took a couple of bounds which took them back out of sight.   I don’t think even Usain Bolt could catch a Kangaroo when it decides to bound away!

Koala Shirts

The other animal that is seen as a symbol of Australia is the Koala, sometimes misleadingly referred to as a koala bear.   Koala’s are often seen as being cute and cuddly and I love it when I come across some in the wild, but I always keep a distance because I know that as cute and cuddly as they look their claws are big and sharp and no match for me!

There are lots of excuses to wear an Australia t shirt from Australia Day in January to any time that Australia is playing sport whether it’s soccer, rugby, cricket, swimming, the list just goes on and on.   Basically you can wear an Australia t shirt any day of the year because I’m sure we can find a reason for it J

All of the Australia t shirts I’ve featured on this page are available in a range of styles for men, women and children which means the whole family can dress in their favourite Australia inspired shirts and celebrate the existence of ‘the lucky country.’

Updated: 10/27/2012, lou16
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sheilamarie on 12/05/2011

I've never been to Australia, but these shirt are very nice.

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