Bacon Lollipops In Depth: Buy Them, Give Them, Make Them, Sell Them -- You Get the Idea

by Regi_B

Because the world needed an in-depth look at bacon lollipops, didn't it?

I love bacon. The thicker the better! In my stand-up act, I have a bit about bacon. It goes -- on second thought, some things belong in the comedy club and not out in the light of day.

Once, I gave up bacon -- for quite some time! I must have been out of my mind!

Bacon is so savory -- nummy, nummy! How can I ever "make it up" to bacon for backing away from it for so long?

Enter this bacon lollipops article.

Will you like bacon lollipops? Do you like a pancake breakfast with bacon? If you answered "Yes!" to that question, then bacon lollies will probably be something you like.

What Do Bacon Lollipops Taste Like?

Wondering how bacon lollipops taste? They taste like bacon. Any questions?

Seriously, recipes vary, so as with any food item, the flavor depends upon the maker's input. In general though, bacon lollipops have a savory bacon flavor mixed with the sweetness of sugar -- and some come with maple syrup cooked right into them. Can you say, "Yum!"? (You probably can. It is a superfluous question. What does "superfluous" mean? Well, that's superfluous, too.)

If you love breakfast at any time of the day -- AND -- you love hard candies, bacon lollipops will likely deliver your bliss.

Who Makes Bacon Lollipops?

As much as bacon-flavored lollipops may seem a novelty, there are a number of makers of this fine creation. What number? Let's find out!

Accoutrements Bacon Lollipops -- If you have a penchant for novelty gifts, then there is a good chance you know about this Seattle-area brand. I once bought a product from Accoutrements called "Angel Snot"! (Superfluous! And not edible!) If you want a "cute" bacon lollipop as a gag gift, this is may be the way to go.

DAS Foods Man Bait Bacon Lollipops -- The name says it all. Ladies, put a few of these bacon-flavored candy babies out and watch the men come a runnin'! Reviews on Amazon indicate this Chicago-based candy maker has a flavorful product.

Roni-Sue Maple-Bacon Lollipops -- If you ever had the "bright" idea of toting your breakfast in your pocket -- I'll bet you had one sticky pocket! I also think Roni-Sue's bacon candy concoction will take you where you want to go with less pocket mess. These are made by NYC-based candy experts, Roni-Sue's Chocolates.

VAT19's Bacon Lollipops -- The self-proclaimed "Purveyors of Curiously Awesome Products",, sell a bacon pop set that I think is the "hands-down" best in the bacon lollipop niche. (What does "niche" mean? It's superfluous. See above for the meaning of superfluous.)VAT19's Bacon Pops 

These U.S.-made lollies are hand-poured (in bacon-shaped molds!) in small batches and come in three flavors (all sold together!). If you want bacon pops a plenty, VAT19 has your back (and your fatback! -- sort of). It should be noted that these pops contain soy-bacon bits (either a good thing or a bad thing, depending upon who you are). They come in packs of six, with three bacony flavors -- honey, maple, and BBQ. (NOM!)

Four. The number is four. Everybody's not falling over themselves to make these, but there are people boiling up a savory hard candy niche here. (There's that "niche" word again!)

Bacon Lollipops for Sale!

To Give or Receive!

You can also find bacon-flavored lollipops offline, at cool candy stores, and sometimes at farmers' markets. Just be sure to call ahead, when possible. This is a "hit-or-miss" proposition. Don't fry your time driving everywhere looking for bacon pops!

How to Make Your Own Bacon Lollipops

Stella Antic has a quality recipe for making your own maple bacon lollies. Have a read!

Where and How to Sell Bacon Lollipops You Make Yourself

This is a candy that might do well in a farmers' market or music festival setting. (Be sure to pay your vendor's fees. No poaching, hippie!)

Offer samples -- break up some of your candies! People will want to be "wowed and wooed". If you do that right, they will buy your wonderful bacon pop-a-lops.

Do Bacon Lollies Sizzle or Fizzle?

What Do You Think?
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Sizzle -- These Bacon Pops Are Smokin'!
Regi_B on 02/29/2012

Yumma, Yum, Yum, Yummers!

Updated: 02/29/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 03/01/2012

Too funny! Thanks, katiem2!

katiem2 on 03/01/2012

Oh my what a bacon lovers delight, there seem to be a huge following of the beloved bacon. I can see this trend going and going as I've heard bacon is good with anything or makes everything better.

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