Bard of Ely's album Welsh Wizard reviewed by Margarita Shamrakov

by BardofEly

New York-based singer and songwriter Margarita Shamrakov reviewed Bard of Ely' s album Welsh Wizard.

Margarita Shamrakov reviews the Bard of Ely and his songs
Singer-songwriter and musician Margarita Shamrakov from New York City has just reviewed the latest album and work of the Bard of Ely.
Here is what Margarita wrote about the album Welsh Wizard which was released on DMMG Records. It features a selection of the Bard's original songs.

Welsh Wizard with Wisdom from the heart! (by Margarita Shamrakov - [email protected])

Bard of Ely is a living legend. There something so mysterious and magical about him. His music speaks of good and evil. He is not just a musician, he is also a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, nature and earth protector. He is the modern Welsh Wizard! 

His music has many styles and many inspirations and influences, but I think his whole being radiates magic, mystic, mystery, “Wizardness”, nature, love, and of course wisdom. Bard of Ely is incredibly intelligent and brilliant, and very wise. He is also incredibly honest about life without hype and insincerity. And that’s what I love about him.

His songs are about finding love, and about being different and about not following blindly the rules. His songs are about finding and choosing your destiny against all the odds and difficulties against you . He sings about being brave and choosing a different life, without being afraid. However, he is not just an artist, who is just singing about his thoughts and ideas but he is the person, who also lives his ideas and aspirations.Bard of Ely chose a very different life for himself.

Welsh Wizard cover art

Album cover for Welsh Wizard
welsh wiz

Welsh Wizard (Crum's mix) by Bard of Ely


In the Canary Islands

He left his native Cardiff ,Wales, in 2004 and moved to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. He left his modern Western life and moved to Canary Islands to pursue his art and music, and to pursue his dreams.

The name Islas Canarias is likely derived from the Latin term Insula Canaria, meaning "Island of the Dogs". I have never been there, but I have seen it from pictures, and it is very beautiful. It is like heaven on Earth. The originally volcanic islands – seven major islands, one minor island, and several small islets– were formed by the Canary hotspot. 

His journey has not been an easy one, there were many ups and downs, many disappointments and also many new waves of creativity and finding happiness.

He found a place where he belongs, that is on the Volcano of Canary islands. And that is not an easy thing to find. Many people spend their lives looking for the meaning of their lives and for moments of happiness. Instead of being in a state of quiet desperation, Bard decided to do the unthinkable, he decided to move to a place where he had no one, and he did not even speak the native language (Spanish) of Canary Islands. However, the voice inside of him and his intuition, suggested that it was time for him to change his life completely and dramatically.

Bard of Ely's name on a Welsh Billboard

As a Welsh Icon
Steve Andrews the Bard of Ely among Welsh Icons
Steve Andrews the Bard of Ely among W...

Bard of Ely at the Green Man festival

On stage at the Green Man Festival 2003
Bard of Ely performing at the Green Man Festival
Bard of Ely performing at the Green M...

DMMG Records

Bard of Ely's album released here

Bard has had a long career writing, performing his songs and looking for the right deal but he finally signed a contract with a music company called DMMG Records. DMMG was different from other music companies, because they allowed Bard to continue to create his music and his art in many styles, in many shapes and forms. They gave him complete creative freedom. And believe me, only very few to none music companies, would allow the artist to be in charge of his/her music and art. Therefore it was the right deal for Bard.

The latest from DMMG is the release of the spectacular/stunning new CD Album from Steve Andrews, alias - The Bard of Ely... titled Welsh Wizard , and released via - DMMG Records (UK) on 13th July 2009.

Bard of Ely very often changes his hair and beard into many different colors and he also wears many different styles of clothes. Sometimes he looks like an angel, sometimes he looks like a wizard, sometimes he looks like a philosophy teacher, sometimes he look like a mystic, sometimes he looks like butterfly;) he is a photographer, poet, artist, visual artist, guitar player, composer, songwriter, singer, and The Wizard of all arts and spirits! He is also an actor, creative thinker and my best friend!!!

Feel free to reach out to him, he is very kind!

Go on and grab his CD, it will definitely bring you luck, because he is the Wizard that brings people happiness, and needed positive changes into their lives with his music and his heart!

Welsh Wizard available from:


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