Bartering through Craigslist

by MarenEliz

Under the For Sale categories on is "barter." I completed a win-win barter through Craigslist: housecleaning for web page design. Both of us were very pleased.

 Back to the Future is the name of a series of three successful movies imagining what could result if someone had opportunities to go into the future, back to the present, back to the future, and so on.  It is mind candy: thinking of all the implications and possibilities to right wrongs, get revenge, or achieve wealth.  The third movie in the series time travels to the past, with happy endings for all. In these days of concern about finances, going Back to the Past can create a happy ending for you, too.  I recommend going to back to the days of bartering.

If you are good at using tools,

maybe someone will barter for your talent.
Use your tools.
Use your tools.
Maren Morgan

Bartering still exists

Of course, bartering existed before civilizations developed tokens representing work or value.  These tokens were money.  However, even after the introduction of currency, people have bartered.  In the informal setting, bartering happens among neighbors, friends, family.  It is often couched in terms of “doing a favor.”  The favor is then returned with a different good or service.  Furthermore, a concern for insuring that value is always perfectly matched (keeping score) is frequently absent from these arrangements.  Participants feel that it will all come out even in the end.

On the other hand, one can barter more formally and with strangers. There is a barter category on Craigslist.  In the center column is the heading: “for sale.” This in turn contains two columns of categories listed close to alphabetically. One sees appliances, antiques, and then: barter.

Real experience

I completed a barter arrangement through a Craigslist ad which was delightful.  The other participant and I felt highly satisfied.  It was a win-win scenario.  Becky (not real name) advertised an offer for website design and set-up know-how in exchange for special project house cleaning.  I seized upon this because I have long wanted a website.  She seized upon me, I guess, because I was as eager as the family dog responding to “Do you want to go OUT?”  So, we were both able to help each other with services we could not perform for ourselves.  We exchanged our talents and labor over the course of many weeks, so there was opportunity to fine-tune and revise what we were giving and getting.  Of course, for an arrangement such as this, one’s instincts or gut feelings must be consulted.  Happily for Becky and me, it was a good trade.

Hence, there is a way to get possessions or work you desire without an outlay of cash.  Whether informally or informally, consider a barter agreement.  Follow what is posted on your local Craigslist.  Watching and inquiring is painless to the pocket. Perhaps, you will even get a deal of your own.

Updated: 12/04/2011, MarenEliz
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