Basic Gardening Tools

by aphrodite21

Gardening is a very enjoyable and profitable hobby. It does not only give us a way to spend our free time wisely but also gives us the opportunity to earn.

Gardening and Our Opportunity to Earn

Gardening is one of the most enjoyable and profitable hobbies that one can enjoy.  It would be a great experience seeing the fruits of your labor everytIme you go to your front or backyard in the morning. Flowers of varied colors do delight and stimulate our senses.  It gives us a positive mood. Some people would love to plant flowering plants in the garden while others love growing herbs and vegetables that they can use for their cooking.

As for me, I would love to plant fruits, herbs and spices in my beautiful garden. In this way, I will not only enjoy my passion in gardening but will also help me with my budget. The spices I can always use for my cooking. The fruits would be a good dessert or light snacks for me and my family. When there will be an excess, I can always sell them to my friends or join an agricultural fair where people would love to buy them. This does not only give me a worthwhile way to spend my extra time but will also give me an additional opportunity to earn. I won't need to buy these items in the grocery store anymore where the prices recently has gone up. Growing them in my yard would be a brilliant idea. I can always pick them in the morning when I already need them.

Gardening Gloves

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Gardening Tools

Gardening would become easier if we have the right tools to use.  It is a must to have the most basic tools first before starting this hobby. There is no need to buy new and very expensive ones at the start. There are always second hand tools that we can buy on ebay or amazon. Once we have made sure already that this hobby is really interesting for us and we realized that we want to pursue it, then that would be the best time to upgrade our tools and buy new ones. Here is a list of some of the most basic gardening tools that you would need.


Gardening Gloves
Gardening gloves are very important in order to protect your hands while working in our garden.  It will also help prevent blisters to appear on your hands. Blisters are painful which would slow down your garden work. Your gloves will also help you make your hands comfortable to work with soil.  It is necessary to buy gloves that are washable as soil would make them so dirty. They need to be washed so you can use them again.

Knee Pads
There would be time that you would need to kneel for a few hours while working. This would be too painful on your knees if they don't have protection. Investing in a strong and good quality knee pads would be worth it. Knee pads will protect your knees and at the same time make you have an enjoyable gardening experience.

Gardening Knee Pads

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More Gardening Tools


Different kinds of rakes have different uses. A bow or garden rake is best used for raking heavier materials. It can be used for smoothing out the soil of the garden before planting and it can be used for cleaning the garden like removing little rocks and other debris. Garden rakes are usually short with strong steel teeth. It is more sturdy than the leaf rake. For leaves that have fallen from trees or blown away by the wind, you would need a leaf rake which has flexible and thin tines.


Garden Hose and Watering Can

Plants need water. They die when not watered for a few days. It is necessary to have your plants watered everyday. Many people use a water hose to water their plants. The size of your hose will depend on how big your garden is and how much water your plants need. For smaller gardens, a watering can instead be used. Large watering gardens can also use sprinklers.


Garden Rakes

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Garden Hose

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Spade and Shovel


You would need a spade for digging the soil and a shovel for scooping loose materials in your little garden. Many people use those with a D-shaped handles as it is easier to lift what was dugged. Some people use them interchangeably but it would be up to you which one is more conveninet for you to use. Spade and shovels with slick metal surface makes it easier for the soil and other materials to slide off it easily.


Garden Trowel

A trowel is often considered as a hand spade or a miniature shovel. Its blade may be attached to the handle which has a lift or a curve like that of a shovel or straight, like that of a spade. It has a handle and a blade of polymer or metal. 

Gardening Shovel

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Basic Gardening Tips : Tools Needed for Gardening

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Rose on 08/01/2012

If I had to pick one tool I used more than any other, it's the pruning shears - they are invaluable for controlling shrubs, dead-heading roses and pretty much most gardening jobs

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