Bedtime Storybooks for Kids

by aphrodite21

Kids love to hear stories before they go to sleep. These books contain collections of the different bedtime stories your kids would surely love.

Childhood Memories

When I was a child, I remember my mom or my dad would read me stories of my favorite princess  and castle stories before I go to sleep. I loved the stories of castles, prince and princesses very much. I dreamed that someday, I would live in a castle with my handsome prince.  I hated Cinderella's wicked stepmother and stepsisters so much. I dreamed of becoming a princess like Cinderella and to have very attractive black hair, skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood like Snow White. When I think about these dreams now that I am a lot older, I just laugh at myself.


All of us have our very memorable and favorite bedtime stories. When we were a child, we loved  having our mother or father beside us to read our favorite fairy tale stories before we retire to sleep at night. It brings us to a world of make-believe and enchantment. We can't sleep without listening to them every night and our days and our nights were never the same without them. Now that most of us have families and kids of our own already, its our kids' time to ask us to read for them their favorite bedtime stories. If you are not familiar with these stories or you are looking for very good ones that you think your child would love, check out the bedtime story books below. You might find one of them interesting and best fits your child's interests.

Disney Princess and Fairy Storybook Collection

Every little girl loves princess stories. They have their own favorites. One wants to find her handsome prince when she grows up like Sleeping Beauty, or wants to find her glass slipper like Cinderella.  Everyone wants to be as beautiful as Snow White with her deep black hair, lips as red as blood, skin as smooth and white as snow and a beauty that can enchant even the most stone hearted prince. One wants to find her hidden castle like Belle of Beauty and the Beast. Almost every little girl wants to be a princess. Her imagination runs so wide and deep most especially while watching her favorite Disney Princess story or when her mom reads her favorite Disney Princess  story that brings her to the magical world.


Aside from princesses, fairies also captivate our kid's imagination. I remember when i was a child. I loved the movie "Fern Gully" so much. The strength and bravery the fairies have shown just to  protect their home from ruthless wood cutting men have really touched me. Stories like this are very good bedtime stories for our kids. The stories we read to them should be able to give a moral lesson and teach our kids how to properly care for nature and the environment. Every character in these Disney fairy stories will leave a very good mark in your child's mind and heart.


The Bedtime Story Book: Classic Tales...
Scholastic Nonfiction
$14.93  $1.24

Disney/Pixar Storybook Collection

Toys are kids' best friends. When we were a child, alone and wants to entertain ourselves, toys  were always there to accompany us and give us the joy that we need. We always ask our parents to buy as toys and when we get tired of them, we just throw them away anywhere. Sometimes, we even love to disassemble them and throw them away without considering what will happen to them. This Toy storybook collection will give your kids very important lessons on how to properly take good care of their toys. This collection also includes stories of Ratatouille, Up, WALL-E and Toy Story 3.


The Disney Storybook Collection to the right below includes over 250 colored illustrations that your  child would surely love. It includes every child's favorite stories of all time from Bambi to Aladdin. It includes over twenty stories of the most beloved Disney films your kids would surely love. 

More Storybook Collection

Aside from Disney princesses and fairy stories, I also loved nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes are very fun to read and improved my  imagination. Reading them helped me practice my speaking skills and also helped me when I needed to recite a poem or  nursery rhymes in school. I would also ask my mom before sleeping at night to recite them to me and I really enjoyed that moment. Until now, those memories are still fresh on my mind. I know lots of kids out there are like me. The nursery rhymes below would be a very good guide for your child. 


If your child loves cars, the Cars Storybook Collection below would be perfect for him. Kids just love the Disney/Pixar's Cars movie and they can't wait to hear stories about their favorite characters like Lightning McQueen, Guido, Mater, Luigi, and Sally, as well as the rest of this highly energetic and rip-roaring gang. The colorful illustrations would even more increase your child's excitement and enthusiasm on them. This bestselling Cars storybook collection would be a perfect gift for your little one.

Disney Nursery Rhymes & Fairy Tales

Timeless favorites--with a Disney twist! The magical world of Mother Goose comes to life in the second edition of this popular storybook collection. Favorite fairy tales ...

$19.22  $0.62
Cars Storybook Collection (Disney Storybook Collections)

Race to the last page!Everyone's favorite cars will be zipping around the big screen this summer. But the fun can be taken home and enjoyed over and over again with this brand ...

$6.11  $19.95
Little Golden Book Collection: Sleepytime Tales (Little Golden Book Treasury)

There's nothing like a Little Golden Book--and everyone's favorites can be found in this deluxe, affordable compilation. Beautifully bound, this volume of bedtime stories ...

$11.71  $4.9

Most Favorite Bedtime Stories

The Everything Bedtime Story Book
Adams Media Corporation
$21.5  $1.83
The Random House Book of Bedtime Stories
Random House Books for Young Readers
$6.83  $13.4
The Berenstain Bears and the Week at ...
Random House Books for Young Readers
$5.39  $3.9

Bedtime Stories CD Collection

Sometimes when we get home from work, we are too tired already from a whole day of work.  However, even though we are so tired already, we still need to prepare dinner for our kids, help them with their home works and do the other necessary household chores. All of these drain us  and when we get in bed, we don't have enough energy anymore to read the favorite story of our kids. We feel that our body wants to rest already. However, we still try so hard to read to them. The bedtime story CDs below would be a great help in times like this. We just need a CD player beside our little one and a beautiful and exciting narration of their favorite bedtime stories will be narrated. While you lay beside your precious one, the two of you can listen to these most favorite bedtime stories of all time. You can also give a little explanation every time your child doesn't understand a portion of the story.

What was your favorite bedtime story when you were a child?

Favorite Stories on Youtube

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