Disney Princess Cake Toppers

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A Disney Princess Party is one of the most requested parties of little girls. Every little girl's dream is to become a princess.

Every Little Girl's Dream

Every little girl wants to have that very magical Disney Princess party. She wants to wear that very elegant gown with her attractive tiara and her magical wand. I remember when I was a child, I dreamed of becoming Cinderella. I grew up exposed to many fairy tale movies, songs and poems that the lives of princes and princesses have been a part of my growing up years.  I'm sure almost every child is exposed to these stories.


The Disney Princesses have been in our hearts since our childhood. They've been parts of our growing up years and it feels like we can relate to how they live in their magical world hoping that we too can be a part of their lives. The tales of Princess stories make us dream of faraway castles, our Prince charming who is ready to save us when we are in danger and that everything in this world is possible as long as we dream for it. It gives us a feeling that all our dreams do come true.


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Disney Princess Party Ideas and Supplies

Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas


One of the most popular themes in celebrating a birthday party is a Disney Princess Party and one of the most important things that we should have on this party is a Disney Princess Magical cake. One of the secrets to creating a beautiful and creative birthday cake for this theme are the cake toppers that we use. These toppers can range from an amazingly beautiful Disney Princess garden, a gathering of Disney Princesses or a beautifully decorated Disney castle. However you want it, it is always possible with the help of the cake toppers like the ones listed to the right and below.

Affordable Cake Toppers

Disney Princess Cake Topper Set
Only $25.0

Castle Cake Topper

This castle cake topper features four (4) of the most favorite and beautiful disney princesses. You will receive four (4) Princess figurines of Ariel of the Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Aurora of the Sleeping Beauty and Belle of the Beauty and the Beast. This will be a wonderful and attractive addition to your party. The castle is made of durable and good quality plastic.This package weighs approximately 2 pounds and comes with a carrying case where you can store the princess figurines in it.

If you want a simpler but still elegant cake, you can choose this three (3) princess sitting on garden benches cake topper.  The princesses have plastic white rose ring that turns pink in the sunlight. The beautiful figurines of Princesses Aurora, Cinderella and Belle will make your cake an equally magical one.

Garden Royalty Princess Cake Toppers

Disney Princess Garden Royalty Cake Toppers

How To Make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Some cake toppers can use a single figurine of a single Disney Princess like Princess Aurora and it can still give you that magical Disney touch. Others can also use a fairy tale icing cake topper image. However you want it, it can be possible and there are many different images available that you can choose from.

Many people just buy their birthday cakes from their favorite bakeries or order them online. However, there are also those who want to create their own and make it more specialized. For those who love baking and making their own designs, there are so many available cake materials and accessories online that you can always order and it will be delivered to you in a day or two. There are also some home cake kits and various other accessories that you can purchase online that will help you create that specially-made cake for your little girl. It would mean so much to her to see you working hard and giving extra effort to create a beautiful and magical Disney Princess cake. She can always request her favorite Disney Princess character that would be a perfect topper for her wonderful cake. The site of her favorite Disney Princess cake would truly delight her and add to the excitement of her birthday party.

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