Cupcake Party Ideas and Supplies

by aphrodite21

A cupcake party is a very economical but equally enjoyable way to spend your party.

Cupcake Theme Party

So, you decided to have a cupcake party theme for yours or your child's birthday? Let's say, it's either you have attended a cupcake party before and found it very enjoyable and entertaining or your little girl has been bugging you to have this kind of theme for her birthday. Whatever the reason is, you surely made the right choice.


A cupcake party is so popular. Kids just love eating their favorite chocolate cupcake while playing or having fun with their friends.  The colorful frosting and sprinkles on them are so inviting to kids. The different tantalizing flavors just make everyone's mouth water. It is so easy to hold too with our hands and we won't need a teaspoon or fork anymore to eat them. Cupcake theme parties are very fun to prepare and you can even ask your kids to give their ideas and lend a hand in the preparation stage.


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Cupcake Party Theme Ideas


After planning, the first thing to do is to prepare the invitations that you need and to distribute  them few weeks before the party. If you have enough time and are creative enough to prepare them, there are many different art materials and accessories like colorful papers, glitter pens and confetti that you can use to create your personalized invitation. If you don't have enough time, you can always buy them at your nearest bookstore or department store. If you want a wide selection of cupcake party invitations, there are many of them that are available online. You can always search on amazon, zazzle and other party supply stores and pages online. There are thousands of websites with ready-made invitations that you can choose from. 

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Cupcake Recipe Books

Cupcake baking is a lot of fun. Making your own cupcake would give you a wonderful feeling once your cupcake is already cooked and you got the result you wanted. Experimenting on the different kinds of cupcakes would be a great experience most especially if you were able to make your own version. Baking them is not only a better and more economical way of having your own cupcakes for your party but it can also become a very good small business someday. Once you were able to perfect your skills in baking cupcakes, you can already accept orders or supply these cupcakes to canteens and other food outlets. It can become a very profitable hobby for you?


Below are some of the cupcake recipe books that can use. They can be very useful and would guide you when you bake your own cupcakes. Most of these books have recipes that  would surely  delight every person who gets a taste of your baked  mini-cake. You surely would have a wonderful cupcake party once you were able to perfect some of the recipes and were able make your own cake.

125 Best Cupcake Recipes

Scrumptious delights to bake at home. Cupcake bakeries are a welcome development that is meeting the enthusiastic delight of everyone. The reason is quite simple -they allow ...

Robert Rose  / $16.39  $29.95
101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes

Everyone loves a cupcake. But not many people have the time or know-how to create gourmet masterpieces. Now even the most novice baker can make delicious cupcakes with the ...

Front Table Books  / $18.99  $29.95
Crazy About Cupcakes

Go cupcake crazy! With nearly 300 awesome, mouthwatering ideas to choose from, home bakers will find the right recipe for any occasion and every palate. And whether they’re ...

Sterling  / $8.0  $5.5

Cupcake Baking and Decorating Books

Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes - the Betty Crocker Book of Cupcakes features 175 delightful cupcakes. The recipes are made so easy for your convenience and hassle-free baking. It uses simple ingredients that you can get anywhere. It also contains fun decorating ideas that you surely would enjoy creating as well as by your little girl. The recipes range from very simple kid's party favorites up to the most advanced and sophisticated flavors that you can create. Cupcake photographs are also included that would make it even easier as you can already see a projected picture of your cupcake when done. There are also how-to photos included that show the different easy but efficient decorating techniques from frosting to decorating and many more. These cupcakes are perfect for your family birthday celebrations, holiday and corporate parties as well as any special event  that you want to celebrate with your family and friends. It also has some tips on how you can make your cupcakes as a perfect gift idea.    

Cupcake Toppers

Your cupcakes would even be more visually delicious and attractive if you put a little decoration on top of them. There are many cupcake toppers available that you can buy online. You can sprinkle some toppings on your mini-cakes like dinosaurs, bears, stars and moons, .35-once dolphins and .35-once fish.

Cupcake Pull-String Piñata

A cupcake pull-string piñata can be a good decoration for the venue of the party at the same time, can be a very good props to make the party more enjoyable. The guests, most especially the kids, would love so much to participate in the games during the party. It will become one of the most memorable parties they ever had.


The pull-string piñatas below include some strings that the kids can pull once the game has formally started. The kids can take turns pulling one (1) each of the twenty (20) ribbons. One of these ribbons open to the secret goodie door. The one who opens it gets the price. Guest swould surely enjoy this game most especially that their kids would want to try to get the prize. Their kids will surely remember this very memorable and enjoyable celebration.

Cupcake Maker

If you don't have an oven at home and you want to bake your own cupcake for this very special occasion, a cupcake maker like the one below would be a cheaper and very wise choice.  At only  about $20, you can create cupcakes in minutes and anytime you feel like baking some. It can make seven (7) mini-cupcakes at a time. It includes a power and ready indicator light for an easier cooking experience for you. The baking tray is also non-stick which would be so easy for you to clean this cupcake maker everytime you use it.

Bella Cucina 13465 Cupcake Maker
Sensio Bella Cucina
$34.93  $18.31

Jumbo Happy Birthday Inflatable Birthday Cake

Celebrate in style. Your venue would be very inviting if you have many attractive and cupcake themed decorations. An inflatable jumbo birthday cake decoration would be a perfect  one for your party. You can either put it at the entrance of your venue or near the buffet table or where your gifts will be placed. The guests' faces would surely lighten up upon seeing this very beautiful and extraordinary decoration. Its 6 foot high when inflated and has a round inflattable base. You can use it everytime your family celebrates a birthday party.


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