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A basin wrench is a specialized plumbers tool, used for sink and faucet assembly. The five best basin wrenches, reviewed and compared.

A basin wrench is a small, specialized tool - much like a pair of snap ring pliers, used by plumbers to reach awkwardly sited nuts, which are found underneath basins and faucets. In short - they're plumbing tools and without them, sink and faucet assembly would be impossible. The design is unique to the task that they perform - long handled with a spring loaded swivel mount jaw.

The serrated jaws clamp onto the nuts and allow plumbers to loosen or tighten them. The same method is applied whether using them for faucet or basin-located nuts, though to switch between a sink and the faucets basin wrenches have to first switch through 90º.

The five best basin wrenches are featured below. They're all on the best seller list, deliver on both quality and value for money and possess highly positive ratings and feedback from satisfied purchasers.

Superior Tools 3811 11-Inch Basin Wrench

If you need a basin wrench to fix up a couple of faucets around the house, then this is the kind of product you want to buy. It's a little over 10 bucks and will do exactly what you need it for - then sit quiet in a corner of your tool box until you come up against another awkward nut located in an equally awkward position.

It's manufacture is a solid steel, it's 11" long - so the right length for crawling around beneath the basin  - and the jaws and grip are good enough to deal with anything up to 1 inch square and hex nuts. Good quality overall, does the job - one for home users.

Superior Tools 3811 11-Inch Basin Wrench

11", Standard Basin Wrench, Infinitely Adjustable Head Angle Design Accommodates Up To 1" Hex & Square Nuts In Tight Places, Polycard, Made In USA.

$19.24  $15.25

Ridgid 31180 1-1/4-Inch-to-2-1/2-Inch Capacity 10-Inch-to-17-Inch Heavy Duty Telescoping Basin Wrench

This is the best selling adjustable basin wrench and one for pro users. It will adjust from 10" up to 17" - plenty of reach in tight spaces. You don't lose any function when you extend it and the grip you get on the nuts is solid and reliable.

The jaws are spring loaded and ratcheting, which makes an awkward job easier than it could be and you know that you're getting the strength you need for the torque due to the forged alloy steel manufacture. Not the cheapest is basin wrenches but certainly one of the best - and the size range it will deal with is from 1 1/4" up to 2 1/2" in diameter.

Ridgid 31180 1-1/4-Inch-to-2-1/2-Inch Capacity 10-Inch-to-17-Inch Heavy Duty Telescoping Basin Wr...

Spring-loaded jaws of forged steel provide fast, one-hand ratcheting. Tension plug holds head in any position up to 90 angle. Telescopic shanks on Model Nos. 1017 and 1019 quick...

$71.0  $72.72

Larsen Supply Co., Inc. Lg Jaw Basin Wrench 13-2029 Plumbing Tools

This is a large basin wrench - capable of handling anything from 1" up to 3" in size. All nuts are not equal and if you've got some large nuts to work on, this is the one for the job. It's made from a solid steel shank, with an adjustable head and it's long enough to give enough reach in confined places.

It's an inexpensive hand tool for what it is - you are usually looking at around the 40 bucks mark for something that can deal with larger faucet nuts, so if you're needing something that will tackle the bigger stuff, this is the one to go for. Durable, relatively easy to work with - and it will get the job done, no questions.

Lasco 13-2029 Metal 16-Inch Basin Wrench, Spring Loaded Large Jaw, Used For Faucet Installation

Large, Jaw Basin Wrench, For Large Nut Applications, Carded.

$26.56  $18.06

TEKTON by MIT 2672 12-Inch Basin Wrench

This is a cheap basin wrench - good quality, stands at 11" so long enough to get into most tight spaces and with a set of jaws that will help you repair or replace a basin or the faucets without too much hassle.

It's a sturdy manufacture, coated to resist rust, solid steel with a spring loaded swiveling jaw, a sure grip once it's locked on and no issues once you start applying the torque. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is pretty impressive for the price tag, and it's one to buy if you need to deal with mid range nuts - and you want to spend less rather than more.

TEKTON 2672 12-Inch Basin Wrench

Tekton by M.I.T. 12 inch Basin Wrench features: High-Carbon Steel Construction, Heat Treated and Chrome Plated, Jaw Swivels to Reach Difficult Areas, Coarse Jaws for Sure Grip, ...


Professional Basin Wrench - Lifetime Warranty

Another cheap adjustable basin wrench that claims to be a pro use hand tool. Not sure about whether it will stand up to daily use from a plumber's perspective but - it did handle a set of 1 1/4" nuts that stubbornly refused to shift without any complaints.

The jaws are spring loaded and they automatically reset every time you give it another turn. It's 12" long, so plenty of reach in a tight spot and the manufacture is solid enough - forged rust-resistant steel. Good for work around the home, handy, performs well and up to a nice standard in relation to the price tag.

Professional Basin Wrench - Lifetime Warranty

Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Only $13.99
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