Bedroom Decorating Ideas On A Budget

by marciag

If you're looking for bedroom decorating ideas on a budget for when the money is tight, just to get a new bedroom look, you need some great tips that help.

In today's world when the economic crisis really hit us all, we can't afford to live lavishly, even if we've been used to it before (I haven't, but I know neighbors who have, and now are struggling to cut costs wherever they can).

One of the best ways to save money is to find some good bedroom decorating ideas on a budget that won't break the bank, yet will still give you the freedom to change the style of your bedroom into something more pleasing to the eyes and make it one of a kind elegant sanctuary to retreat to in the night.

There are many easy ways to revamp your bedroom at little to no cost, and I'm hoping that you will find the tips and ideas below useful and fun to do. All you need is your imagination, a bit of creativity and really very little money to spend on a few new things.

Re-decorate Your Bedroom Walls

At least in my home the bedroom walls play an important part in the ambient of the room. My bedroom is a place to sleep, to relax, to take a nap in the evening, and I want to be surrounded by soft - rather than hard - colors and elements, without the walls being too bland and boring.

The first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning are the walls opposite the bed, so I've been thinking the other day - how can I spruce up the walls without painting everything again, but still give it a nice overhaul that won't lose the bedroom atmosphere of the room.

This is when it dawned on me that a few cheap wall decals can help very easily with that. First of all painting the walls would take a long time, it would get extremely messy and I don't want a full wall in yellow or blue or whatever single color. My first idea was to use wall stencils, but that is also messy - kinda.

With wall decals the application is very easy, you can find them for quite cheap and there are so many designs and patterns to choose from that you can truly make a nice themed bedroom with any idea that you want.

You don't want to be overly bold in your bedroom makeover, like you see in those fancy magazines showcasing expensive homes and bedrooms, but simple white walls are kind of blah. right?

Btw, if you do decide that painting your walls is the way to go - go with light colors like beige, light blue because these are relaxing colors. You don't want strong colors like dark blue or deep red because you'll have a hard time falling asleep!


Use Wall Decals To Personalize Your Walls

Now we've narrowed it down to using wall decals, but the journey is long not over. If you go anywhere online or to a local store, you'll find practically hundreds of wall decals made especially for bedrooms.

Wall quotes, flower wall decals, geometric figures, trees, you name it. Just think of something and I bet you can find it.

I'm not so fond of wall quotes because my moods usually change pretty often, and I don't want to read a particular quote when it might just throw me off the loop, so I figured some lovely flowers, fluffy elements would be soft enough, but eye catching enough to just make a nice change in the room.

So how about the ideas here? While the first one has a blue wall behind it, you can find the little tropical hibiscus flower wall decals in several other colors, so you can easily apply them to a blank white wall as well.

Wall decals are cheap and you only apply them on strategic or random location on the wall for a very different and unique look.

How Do You Like To Re-Decorate Your Walls?

Paint Your Bedroom Table

Not many people are aware that any furniture piece can be easily painted into any color with any decor elements on it in a way that it effectively changes the whole room ambient.

Most bedroom tables come in brown or unpolished wooden color, and this type is the best candidate for painting, especially if you have a themed bedroom which would easily benefit from a matching table. Unfortunately you can't always find a side table in the color that you want - or if you do, it will cost you extra than a plain table.

And if you're looking for something cheap, check out garage sales, flea markets and such places for some second hand functional side tables. You can make them decorative yourself using paints.

There are many online tutorials that help you with painting furniture and it's really not that difficult - and you need only a few tools, most of which you already have at home. You will, of course, need your table well cleaned and the chosen color paint that you want for it.

It's such a fun weekend DIY project for redecorating your bedroom on a budget!

Painted side table in pink to match the bedroom decor
Painted side table in pink to match t...
Painted vintage side table for the bedroom
Painted vintage side table for the be...

Add New Curtains To Freshen Up The Room

You'd be surprised just how big a difference new bedroom curtains can do. Depending on the color and designs you buy, they can really create a completely different ambient in the room.

When you install new curtains, first define the theme of your room and get curtains that actually match the theme or even enhance it. Also you need to decide whether your next piece will be curtains or blinds. Each have their own advantages and price ranges.

If you want a more luxurious looks without paying big bucks, sheer curtains can give that elegant and lush look and they're not as expensive as fully heavy curtains either. If your windows are rather small, you can go with cafe curtains. They are also much cheaper than full length curtains.

Another idea is to get fun and lively curtains with animal skin design (leopard, zebra, tiger), as these are all in fashion right now, and will be for quite some time. Just don't buy them in shrilling pink or purple - unless you can sleep well with those colors looking over you!

Tip: whatever curtains you buy, first make sure that they fit your current window treatment hardware. New curtain rods are quite expensive, from what I learned on my own.

If you're going with window blinds, Venetian blinds are a great bedroom choice and there are so many prices ranges there that you can really find something cheap and lovely for your bedroom.

Add Some Plants In The Bedroom

Many people are keeping plants away from their bedrooms because they've heard that plants are actually toxic when placed in the room overnight. I also thought the same until someone who actually had a say in the matter told me that this is a myth.

Plants also consume oxygen, just like humans, but the amount they use during the night is truly trivial - it's less than your partner is using in the night while sleeping. Unless, of course you happen to sleep in a greenhouse - and even then nothing happens over night.

So don't worry about having a plant or two in your bedroom, because there will be absolutely no harmful effect from doing so. Plants can only enhance the look of your sleeping quarters, and if you believe in Feng Shui, they will even be beneficial to your health, wealth and luck (or so they say).

A lovely palm tree in the bedroom
A lovely palm tree in the bedroom

A Few More Tips On Bedroom Decorating On A Budget

  • First things first remove everything that doesn't belong in the bedroom. It should be a sensual, romantic and relaxing place. It should be a retreat, not a warehouse. Eliminate the clutter. Btw, that also means moving the TV out of the bedroom.
  • Change the duvet with a new one that also includes a matching sham. Sometimes a simple new duvet in lovely colors can transform a bedroom from a dull one to a romantic one, or a more elegant one.
  • How about rearranging your furniture a bit. Change the place of a few furniture pieces in the room and you will get a completely different look.

A Great Book For More Inspiration And Ideas

For decorating your bedroom on a budget
Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home
  • Depending on your bed type, you can add a headboard - usually they're wall-mounted so I think any bed type can actually benefit from it. You can create a really sophisticated and lush looking bedroom with a simple extra headboard at the head of your bed.
  • How about simply changing your drawer handles with something vintage or more unique, out of the norm?
  • Lighting is important in the bedroom so if you have a bed lamp that doesn't have a shade, either change it or if the lamp allows it, get a lampshade in the theme of your bedroom decor. The bedroom needs muted light for a romantic and soft ambient.

Check Out This Lovely Bedroom Decorated On A Budget

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marciag on 05/30/2013

I like tranquil colors for bedroom decor as well

Aysha on 05/29/2013

These are great decor ideas for any bedroom

SanFay on 05/29/2013

Great ideas. For an inexpensive window treatment I buy several yards of fabric to drape over the curtain rod.

GeorgiaRose on 05/29/2013

Great ideas and beautiful pictures! I personally like my bedroom to be in tranquil colors, uncluttered, and have the most comfortable bedding I can afford. Hope you have a wonderful day!

BrendaReeves on 05/29/2013

I'm redecorating my bedroom soon. These are some great ideas.

katiem2 on 05/29/2013

Aw perfect timing both my daughters are having their bedrooms remodeled and want to be involved fully in the process.

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