Being Sandra Lynn Sparks

by sandralynnsparks

Why being a multi-media creator isn't a bad thing to be. It opened me up to many, many great people and experiences.

A Life Filled With Creativity And Sense

Starts With Not Being Afraid To Be A Fool

I would not be who I am today if I hadn't been extremely foolish. We are always told it's the smart thing to do to follow the crowd, be cautious, blend in, do what we're expected to do. And the big advice everyone gave me: "Don't do so MUCH!" I've often taken the road less travelled: Straight off the cliff. I never used to do it by conscious choice - I simply didn't know how to stop being led by what attracted me: Brilliant things, enchanted things, I saw in people and things around me.

When I was not conscious I had a choice in what I did, following the brilliant things led to misery, pain, loneliness, poor jobs, and no future. I kept reaching for things just beyond my fingers. I felt overwhelming and overwhelmed.Then, when everything fell apart, and I lost more than I should have survived, I made the choice to keep taking that walk off the cliff - this time, making the brilliant things. Instead of feeling I was doing too much, I simply began to think of myself of a creator who uses many materials to create. Most importantly, to me, a creator is but a channel that puts together what inspiration moves me to make, and what the materials want to be. It's a partnership of many things coming together, not just something I do.

What will happen now? Will I keep falling? Or will the shiny things I do help me land on my feet? Tell  me what you think...

The Creator...

Though I Do Many Things It Is All A Creator's Work

I Am A Teacher

I Teach about Psychic Ability, Reincarnation, and Theater
Talking about playwrighting with the cast of Shakespeare's Eyes
Talking about playwrighting with the cast of Shakespeare's Eyes

The Psychic Tutor

I Am A Singer

I Create Unusual Music Called Freesong

I Am A Harper

Who Plays Celtic And Original Music

I Am A Writer

I Have Written of BEING Home and Psychic Sensibility
Psychic Sensibility
Only $4.99
The Lines of Butterflies: A Tale of t...
Stoplooklisten Press
Only $0.99

I Am A Painter And Collagist

I Create A Folk Style Of Art
The Moon Tree
The Moon Tree
The School Of Thought
The School Of Thought
The Eyes In My Sun
The Eyes In My Sun

I Am A Doll Maker

I Make Many Styles Of Spirit Dolls
Velvet Doll
Velvet Doll
The Spirit Tree
The Spirit Tree
Paper Doll
Paper Doll
Angels Mixed Media
Angels Mixed Media
And More...
And More...

I Am A Photographer

I Take Digital Photos And Create Photo Art
The Gleaners SevenThe Willow In Winter
Wing TipThistle Sun

I Am An Actor And Playwright

Of Unboxed Theater

The Play Is Never Finished

Even When The Play Is Done!
With the cast of Shakespeare's Eyes, First Draft
With the cast of Shakespeare's Eyes, First Draft

I Am A Poet

All My Gifts Are Tied Together By This Ancient Thing

I feel I have been a poet in several lifetimes, and that need to see life through a poet's perception informs every single thing that I do:




One turn of the head
and it has begun:
a moment turned to meaning
in a lifetime,
in many lifetimes.
What god chooses our meanings?
What piece of man?
What makes what happens a brick of existence,
or just a piece of sand?
Intention and chance marry.
In the wedding band, gold.




January 27, 1988.

Lines for the dark eyed Orpheus
Changed from matter into motion by the dying of his lungs:
Singing as the organs stretched tight as strings
Making music until suddenly he was music -
more fully than ever he was man.

And oh, I love.
That has not changed.
Some would shake their tears off
and turn their new washed eyes on some other man.
My clean eyes opened and saw music everywhere.
It glistens in the air
on snow
on leaves
on grass
in the dust of my table
on my skin
and hums, love, sometimes loud and sweet,
but, even whispered, always there.

Accepting this boundless thing, I pass it on.

And oh, I love.

That changeless thing.

The dark eyed Orpheus accepts from dreams.

Morgaine When Merlin Passes

Find Out More!

Visit My Websites

My Main Website
Links to my different projects, webshops, and related sites.

The Psychic Tutor
More about teaching about psychic ability and reincarnation

Shall I Continue To Be A Fool?

Yes. Because that's who I am.
The Fool Is The Person Who Takes A Journey No One Else Dares Take
The Fool Is The Person Who Takes A Journey No One Else Dares Take

My Hopes

That Every Day Is FULL Of Hope

Right now, I work hard, but cannot support myself. These are not times that artists can flourish in without help, without friends, without word of mouth - and without support. You can help me by spreading the word of what you've seen here, and by buying my work, as you wish. The more that people support the things they don't wish to see go away, the more jobs, for everyone, will come back. Support the creativity that makes survival a joy...

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katiem2 on 01/08/2012

Very interesting, I must follow you, happy I stumbled upon this in the forum. Katie

sheilamarie on 07/08/2011

Lovely work! I look forward to seeing more!

petunia on 07/07/2011

You are indeed a creative genius! I look forward to reading/seeing/hearing more of your beautiful work.

Ramkitten on 06/29/2011

You are one talented lady!

Theresa_Kennedy on 06/16/2011

Indeed this is an amazing intro page. What a beautiful way of putting together words and images to create a feeling and sense of who you are. Brava!

dustytoes on 06/08/2011

I was struck by the soulful look in the eyes of the paintings you've created, and you are quite a creator! Best of luck to you.

AJ on 06/06/2011

Sandra, your intro to this page is one of the most original and honest that I have ever seen.

Sometimes when we jump off that cliff we are surprised to land on a ledge just below :)

sandralynnsparks on 06/06/2011

Thanks, WordCustard! After my show is over this weekend, I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone here! Aren't the choices of tools and modules we have terrific? Yay Wizzley!!! :)

WordCustard on 06/06/2011

You truly are a creative spirit, Sandra Lynn. I hope you find a way to continue on the path (or off that cliff!) that calls to you. I have admired your dolls before but what a delight to discover your poetry.

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