Best Hamster Toy For Exercise

by TonfaGuy

What are the best Hamster Toys on the market today. Are they safe for your prized little pet and will he love to play with them.

Looking after a pet Hamster is a fascinating pastime and hobby for anyone who loves animals. These delightful little fellows really do make great pets for anyone young or old and giving them a happy life should be your goal.
So you've bought them there own 5 star apartment to live in, with fascinating nooks and crannies for them to explore. A comfy bedding area and all the materials they need to build themselves little dens and hideouts.
Now it's Hamster playtime.....

Do you know -

 Hamsters will run upto 5 miles a day in the wild

Yes, it's true, for a small creature they sure do get about, so giving your Hamster plenty of exercise is essential to keeping them healthy.

What are the best Hamster toys to get them running around..

Super Pet Dazzle Hamster Exercise Carriage, Colors Vary

Super Pet Dazzle Hamster Exercise Carriage

Designer transport for the more executive Hamster.

This amazing Hamster carriage will give the little fellow that royal look while making sure he gets plenty of exercise in his own executive carriage. They come in a choice of 4 different colours to suit your Hamsters taste and style. But remember they will only go in a straight line, forwards and backwards, which means your Hamster will be able to get some serious speed, but you will have to change the direction for him

  • Pros: quiet - easy to clean
  • Cons: can be a little hard to see through

Super Pet 7-Inch Run-About Ball

Is this the ultimate exerciser toy for your Hamster..?

The 7" Run-About-Ball is the ideal size for most Hamsters and will give him plenty of exercise.

At first you will find they are quite hesitant and a bit uneasy, but soon work out what to do.

When they first get going you need to watch them a bit as they will definitely crash into things.! So be aware and just give a little help and re-direction when needed. It doesn't take them long to learn to "drive' and, believe it or not, "brake" !

Once they get going and gain confidence your Hamster will have a great time whizzing around.

Habitrail Playground Pet Dragster

My final choice for a great Hamster exerciser is this Pet Dragster.  The good thing about this super little car is that your Hamster has very good vision and can see out quite clearly.  As well as that, you can see him as well.

He will definitely get a good workout with one of these and they are fast..! So be prepared to chase him around.

Just like the exercise carriage, this toy only goes in straight lines so he will need to helped when turning corners, but, if you have a nice long lounge, he will be off and going faster than you in no time.

It's quite amusing watching the dragster go in reverse when he turns around in the wheel.

Main advantages of Hamster Exercise Toys.

These type of Hamster exercise toys are excellent for giving your pet a good little workout and you can tell just by looking at them, that they enjoy it too. I find they are ideal if you have their cage in one room and the family are in another room. It give them exercise and they are able to interact with you as well. When they have had enough, they'll stop. But remember, it's exercise for them, so ensure they have their fresh water and food ready when you put them back in their cage.

General conclusions:

Sturdy build and will normally last 
Easy to assemble
Easy to clean
Readily available 


Slightly blurred vision
Wheels/axle must be kept clean for smooth running
can get a bit hot if outside in the sun  

My rating

Overall these are superb Hamster Exercise Toys: 
4.5 stars


Roller ball

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Updated: 01/25/2013, TonfaGuy
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Wournos on 02/13/2013

This almost makes me want to go buy a hamster and all the toys it needs.

katiem2 on 01/29/2013

Very nice and brilliant ideas for entertaining ones hamster. :)K

Tolovaj on 01/25/2013

Hamsters need to exercise too:)

Mira on 01/24/2013

These hamster cages are so much fun, and your page looks great :)

kajohu on 01/24/2013

I had seen hamster balls before (used to have one for our gerbils), but have never seen anything like the hamster carriage or dragster before. They both look like great fun to watch, and good exercise for hamsters (and gerbils...).

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