Best Messenger Bags for Crafty People: Knitters and More

by SusanM

Craft themed messenger bags: Knitting, crochet, quilting and needlework designs

Crafty people are usually passionate about their hobby. This means a messenger bag with a craft theme is a great gift idea (or a special treat for yourself).

You can get some lovely and bright designs using photos of actual craft work. You can also get some fun graphic designs. Most of the bags have lots of color although some have more subtle designs.

So lets have a look at what messenger bags you can get in knitting, crochet, quilting and needlework designs.

Knitting Messenger Bags

Knitting is a very popular activity (something I've never had any flair for though unfortunately).

Despite my lack of talent I've found two great knitting themed messenger bags to show you. 

The first one uses a close up of actual knitting. With this knit pattern messenger bag the stitches are obvious and brightly colored. But the use of the darker surrounds means the bag isn't garish looking. In fact the colors used in this bag will go with most clothing choices - which is handy. 

So this is a good pick if you're looking for a bag that focuses on the actual craft of knitting.

This knitting themed bag is totally different to the Knit Pattern Messenger Bag. This is because it's a humorous design rather than one that shows off the actual craft work. 

This is a fun choice. Although the green and yellow design is less flexible for matching with your clothing than the Knit Pattern Bag. This is probably the only real negative aspect of this bag. Otherwise it's a clever design. 

Now I should mention that you can customize this bag to turn the yellow into other colors. The main green design area cannot be changed though. But this does mean you can personalize the bag colors to better suit the colors you wear. 

Crochet Inspired Messenger Bags

I enjoyed crochet rather than knitting. So I was pleased to find these two bags dedicated to this craft. (I was expecting to find knitting themed bags only.) 

This White Crochet Filigree Lace Design shows off a crochet design. It's also been made in basic colors (blue and white) that will go with just about everything you're wearing. This color design also gives it a dainty, feminine look without being overly girly looking. 

Now this bag uses a digital art design that's been made to look like crochet. It's not a photo of actual crochet craft work. But it still looks lovely.

Now this crochet inspired bag does use a real photo of a vintage and pure elegant white floral lace crochet knitting pattern. It's on pink pastel background. 

Although the first crochet bag design I showed is lovely I like this one more. It's feminine. I like the white lace look with the pink. But I especially like the use of a real photo of crochet work rather than a creation of digital art. I just think it's more eye-catching being the real thing. But that's just my impression about a craft I enjoy.

This is the only high quality bag that uses a real photo of crochet that I could find. 

Quilted Style Messenger Bags

Quilting is another classic craft - and this quilted style bag caught my eye.

I love the colors in it (although I do like pink colors). The mix of the pink and brown is feminine but not overly girly. So it's a nice balanced design. The material patterns have also been balanced between more neutral patterns and feminine floral ones. I think this creates a really striking design.

The site I found this bag on does have similar quilted patterns in different colors. I've just picked the one that appealed to me most and was a high quality design. 

This is an impressively designed and bright quilted style messenger bag. The colors are bold and look fabulous on the black background. The shape and layout of the quilted "squares" is also eye-catching and modern looking. It's very different to the traditional square quilt pattern of the other quilt inspired bag I've featured here. 

Actually I think this bag is definitely the most modern looking out of all the craft bags I've chosen I think. So it's a good choice if you're into craft but the more traditional, classic designs don't match your craft interests or fashion accessory tastes. It's also a fun choice for someone younger who is into craft work as a hobby.

Messenger Bag for Needlework Lovers

Unfortunately I couldn't find many messenger bags that are inspired by needlework.

I thought this humorous one was cute. But in general the needlework bags don't seem to have the same quality as those inspired by knitting, crochet and quilting. So it's lucky this bag is in a good neutral color that will go with most things. 

I'll keep an eye out for anything new that pops up and I'll update this article when I see something else that's needlework inspired and a good quality design. Until then it's Don't Be Cross Stitch.

Changing Messenger Bag Sizes

Most of these bags allow you to customize the size (mini, medium and large). It's not overly difficult to customize the size of one of these bags. It's just the case of hitting the customize button and then choosing the size you want. You'll find the section you need to make this change on the right hand side of the customize page under "Color & Size Options." 

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Updated: 10/28/2012, SusanM
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SusanM on 11/05/2012

Thanks Brenda. I'm a Zazzle fan as well :)

BrendaReeves on 11/05/2012

I love Zazzles messenger bags and was thinking they'd make good knitting bags. Great selection.

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