Best Throw Pillows with Hearts

by SusanM

Looking for a cuddly Valentine's Day gift or something special for a loved one that isn't a soft toy? How about a stylish pillow with hearts.

If you're wanting to buy something special for Valentine's Day that's soft, cuddly and full of love a decorative pillow with hearts is a nice idea. Throw pillows with hearts are less "cutesy" than soft toys or many of the other classic Valentine's Day gifts. They're also something that can be used in the home.

Now good quality throw pillows with hearts can be hard to find. But you can get them in different designs to suit different relationships and personalities if you know where to look.

Collage Hearts Pillow

This heart pillow has a bold, modern design. It's striking without being overly sentimental. This means it's a good choice for a loved one who isn't into the overly cute aspects of Valentine's Day.

The other things I like about this pillow is that they've stuck to the classic red hearts but balanced it  with a softer pink and modernistic black.

It's also printed from an original hand made artwork - which I think makes it more special as a gift.

Throw Pillow with Blue Hearts

If you're not wanting the usual red and pinks seen in heart pillows how about blue and black?

This is an eye catching design. I think it would be a better gift choice for a man too than the usual styles - if you're wanting to buy a pillow for them. It's also a good choice for someone who has a home decor scheme that won't suit red or pink - or who simply dislikes the colors. 

The darkness of the black in this pillow is nicely balanced with a bright, light blue color. This creates a throw pillow with a controlled brightness that isn't overwhelming but not drab either.

Colorful Hearts Throw Pillow

If you want something extra colorful for a vibrant personality this throw pillow is a great choice.

It has the classic pink and red hearts but also yellow, blue, orange, green and purple. This would look busy and overwhelming if it wasn't for the white background. This whiteness displays the colorful hearts in the best way without making it look too much. 

All the bright colors in this pillow means it's great not just as a Valentine's gift, but also for a child's bedroom. This is because it has a feeling of color, brightness and happiness about it.

Black and Red Heart Pillow

I thought this was a good choice if you're looking for something a little more serious in style. This throw pillow doesn't have the brightness of some of the other pillows I've picked. But it does have a quieter brightness that comes from the contrast between the black and red. 

This pillow also has a modern feel. Depending on your thoughts it could even be a little urban or grunge like. But overall I think it's a good choice for a loved one who isn't into things that are brightly colored, "cutesy" or too sentimental for Valentine's Day.

Red Star Heart Throw Pillow

This is a lovely modern twist on the usual red heart pillow. 

The stars in this design take this pillow out of the usual red heart category to something that has great flair. It's also got a feeling of imagination and creativity to it too I think.

This would be a good choice if you want something that's in the classic Valentine's Day red color. But I think this throw pillow has lots more character than you'd normally find in red heart pillows for Valentine's Day. 

Relaxed Feel Hearts Pillow

There's something about this throw pillow with hearts that has a relaxed feeling to it. It might be the casual feel of the artwork I think. Like someone has drawn it on a lazy weekend afternoon.

The colors in this pillow are striking too. The classic red and pink has been balanced with a black background. But the inclusion of blue and purple gives this pillow a different mood than the usual heart pillow. So the color choice might also be the reason for the relaxed mood of this throw pillow. 


Sand Hearts Pillow

I thought this hearts pillow was a nice gift idea for a beach lover when I saw it.

The pillow has two joining hearts drawn in the sand. It's a peaceful and natural looking image. So this is a pillow that's been created with imagination because it's so different to the other heart pillow designs. 

This is also a pillow that would have special sentimental meaning for a couple that have enjoyed time spent at the beach together. So it's a nice choice if this is you and your loved one.


Classic Heart Shaped Pillow

I had to include this very classic and fluffy heart shaped pillow among the other best throw pillows with hearts. Okay it's very "cutesy", overly sentimental and will cause many to roll their eyes - but it's still a classic. 

Personally I'd rather have one of the other pillows as a gift but that's just my choice. Many would appreciate the classic sentiment of this gift. It really depends on who you are buying for and why. 

This does have to be the all time, classic gift for Valentine's Day though. 

Updated: 01/22/2013, SusanM
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