Best Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounge Chairs

by eslevy17

If you’re looking for serious comfort in an outdoor chair, look no further than a zero gravity recliner, the answer to all your mountaineering relaxation needs.

For those who don't want to compromise on comfort when it comes to camping or lounging on the patio, a zero gravity recliner will offer unparalleled comfort, probably outperforming any chair you might find in the house, all in a durable, weather-resistant package which will last for years and keep you relaxed as long as you need.
A number of these chairs exist from a variety of manufacturers, all offering the same tried and true design, and many at a great price for the kind of comfort you can expect to receive.

Why go zero gravity?

Because it's comfy.

A zero gravity recliner allows the user to get totally horizontal, much like an adjustable hospital bed, with all the joints comfortably relaxed, and the entire body supported, with no pressure exerted disproportionately on one particular area. After a long day of standing or sitting upright, this is a great way to relieve joint pressure, and allow for better blood flow, and is incredibly comfortable. You'll probably find yourself falling asleep pretty quickly in one of these.

This sitting position is found not just in hospitals, where patients need to be comfortable, but also on space shuttle missions, where the forces of gravity are as evenly distributed as possible for maximum comfort during takeoff. And if it's good enough for astronauts, you'll be comfy too.

Zero Gravity Lawn Chair Designs

A pattern emerges...

Most outdoor recliners conform to the same basic design principle, even going so far as to become rather indistinguishable from each other. The chairs are built to last for years outdoors, rain or shine, constructed from steel tubes and weather-resistant fabric, and the cushion and suspension cord can be replaced if necessary.

As for comfort, they all recline quite easily, feature an adjustable headrest, and can be folded up for easy storage or transportation. The seat can be either mesh or a padded cushion (the mesh being better in rain and hot weather), which is suspended by a cord which offers the seat some extra give.

That said, here are some of the best zero gravity recliner chairs out there:

Lafuma RSX Recliner

Zero gravity comfort from Lafuma

Lafuma is sort of the kingpin of this sort of outdoor chair, offering a wide range of recliners to suit all sorts of needs. They have legions of adoring fans, who enjoy their chairs for years, and the availability of replacement parts helps with longevity as well.

Lafuma makes several versions of its popular zero gravity lounge chairs, but the most popular version is the RSX Recliner. The mainstay of the lineup, it features the immediately recognizable design, and is pictured here. Available in regular and XL sizes, for those over 6 feet tall.

Lafuma also offers the Futura Clipper, which attaches the cushion to the frame with clips instead of cord, which will likely last longer, as it won't need to be replaced, though it might offer a bit less support. Smaller people probably won't notice.

The chairs come in mesh or padded versions, in several colors, all offering the same quality of construction and comfort, so take your pick and get relaxing.

Faulkner Zero Gravity Chairs

Serious outdoor comfort

The runner-up in owner appreciation is the Faulkner chair, which offers the same construction, design, and range of options as Lafuma, but at a lower price. Faulkner zero gravity chairs come with a 2-year warranty and come in mesh or padded versions, in regular or XL sizes, and several colors. Be sure to collect them all!

Faulkner Zero Gravity Chairs from Amazon

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Faulkner Standard Recliner Green Mesh...
Only $73.29
Faulkner Standard Recliner Navy Padde...
Only $109.99

Caravan Canopy Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Same design, half the price

Caravan Canopy offers the same outdoor recliner design as the pricier brands, but at half or one-third the price as its better-known competitors. For those looking for a good value, these chairs are probably what you're looking for. The chair is available in mesh, in regular and "oversized" versions, so pick up the one that's right for you.

One caveat with the Caravan Canopy models is that some customers report the weight allowance is insufficient, claiming one of the components would break after a short time, causing the chair to collapse. Though the weight limit is listed as 300 pounds, it's probably not a good idea to put this to the test.

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chairs

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Infinity Zero Gravity Chair in Blue
$79.99  $79.00
Infinity Zero Gravity Chair in Beige
$79.99  $49.99

In-Depth Zero Gravity Chair Reviews

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The Lafuma outdoor recliner is a comfy and durable zero-gravity lounge chair for serious relaxation in the outdoors. Find the right Lafuma chair and buy online for the best price.
The Caravan Canopy outdoor lounge chair offers serious comfort and value in a durable, comfortable outdoor recliner, great for camping and lounging.
Updated: 05/01/2012, eslevy17
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outdoor lounge chairs on 04/27/2015

ya its very attractive chairs

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Dennis Murray on 01/10/2015

We have a zero clearance chair and the elastic string on one side let go. The black tab on the end came off. The chair is green. Could you tell me the cost to replace this ?
Thank you

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