Best Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

by Sam

Picking up dog poop is no fun, but it shouldn't harm the environment neither! Instead of using plastic bags, use biodegradable dog poop bags, I found the best ones for you here ...

Unfortunately, a lot of dog bags that are sporting the 'eco' label, in some shape or form, are actually not biodegradable poop bags for dogs at all! It took me quite some time to find those that are and so I thought I share my finding here with fellow, eco-conscious dog lovers, to save you some time. Please use the navigation below to find quicker the best biodegradable dog poop bags for you and your four-legged friend ;-) Oh, even if they are biodegradable, you should never throw them on your own compost, only in the dedicated doggie waste bin or on a separate doggie compost!


These bags are big enough to hold the 'business' left behind by even the largest dog as they measure 9.8x 13.8in. Also great for people with big hands and small dogs ;-) They are made from cornstarch (GMO free), don't contain any plastic whatsoever and can go so safely onto a compost heap, where they will be converted into compost in maximal 45 days.

With 35 bags in the box, they cost around 13 cents per bag, depending on special offers and post and package obviously. Certified by DEBIO, meeting the ASTM D6400 specification and also the, very strict Californian SB 1749 requirements.



Depending on how big a package of refills you buy, these oxo biodegradable dog bags will cost you between 5 to 12cents per piece. Oxo biodegradable means that they are not as certified as the one above, but still should break down over time. They are also not as big as the others, making them more suitable for owners of small dogs that have small hands. In summary, an economic alternative, but not as environmentally friendly as one could wish for ...


Roughly the same price as the bags above, but a bit thicker (0.04in), biodegradable and made in the US, these bags are also no-see throw in case you don't want to show of your dog's business whilst carrying it to the bin ;-)

The design is 'safe', as there are no seams at the bottom part, making leakages less likely and they are, as far as I know, the ones that are made from the thickest material. Comes with one home dispenser to mount at your wall and one handy, take-with-you, pack. Cute package also ;-)



For just under 5 cents a piece, that are the cheapest biodegradable dog waste bags I was able to find. If the prospect of ordering 110 rolls / 2200 bags at the same time daunts you, why not share the deal with other dog owners in a 'dog waste bag shopping coop'. ;-)

Unless obviously you live in a multi-dog household and go quicker through doggie waste bags than other people.



The bags at the right, costing around 15 cents a piece, are bit expensive in my opinion. Also the name 'Flush Puppies' gave me a bit of a shock as I read it for the first time ;-) But I include them here, as they can come in quite handy for people that don't have a dog waste bin nearby, don't have, or don't want to have, a dedicated doggie waste compost, nor are allowed to dispose of dog waste in normal garbage bins.

Why You Should Use Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Nobody really knows how long plastic bags really take to disintegrate, see link below, but we do know that it takes an awful long time. By using, recycled, grocery bags to pick up dog poop we not only add more plastic to the landfill sites, we also prevent the dog poo itself from being converted into compost.

Using environmentally friendly alternatives, such as biodegradable dog poop bags, helps to reduce the amount of waste in our landfill sites considerably ...

What do you use to pick up your dog's poop?

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Updated: 03/13/2012, Sam
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Sam on 03/10/2012

Thanks Katie! Yes, doesn't make much sense putting perfectly biodegradable dog waste in plastic bags that will take most likely centuries to dissolve - if ever ;-)

katiem2 on 03/10/2012

What a smart product, I'm all for anything environmentally friendly. Great product review.

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