Long Handled Pooper Scooper for Dogs

by Sam

Long handled pooper scooper for dogs are the ultimate weapon of dog waste destruction, read on to find out why and where to get them for the best price ...

The model at the right is the absolute bestseller on Amazon in its category, and rightly so. Ideal for grass and sand, it scoops up what was left behind and leaves soil and grass where they belong - in the ground.

Its long handle (nearly 30in) makes it easy to clean up without the need to bend down, avoiding so aching backs and knees. It is worse enough to have to clean up the doggie yard, it shouldn't be painful also ;-)

As for cleaning, just hose it down after the job is done and store it upside down in your garage or shed, until the next time.

The price is also right and depending on post and package, Amazon is still the best place to buy it. Click image on the right for more info about that point and read also some reviews of other people that are using this tool on a daily base. You should always listen to more than one opinion, before making a buying decision ;-)

Best Long Handled Pooper Scooper

Wire Rake Scooper for Grass
$21.48  $14.39

What to do with Dog Waste

After you have finished cleaning up your yard with your shiny new weapon of dog waste destruction, the 'Long Handled Pooper Scooper for Dogs', you will have to face the waste and decide what to do with it ;-) Here some suggestions:

A Mini Septic Tank

Click on the image above for more information, here just the short summary: By installing a mini septic tank in your yard, you can get rid of doggie waste environmentally friendly. Granted, it is a bit of a DIY project to dig the hole and to install the tank, but then you are basically done. The foot-operated lid opens, you put 'your collection' in, adding occasionally the necessary enzymes and the rest is taken care of by Mother Nature. Great for owners of several and / or big dogs that leave a lot behind. Works less well when temperatures are low, so if you are living in Alaska, this one might not be for you.

Make your own doggie compost heap

Yes, you can compost dog waste, but no, you can't use it on plants you plan to eat! But it still makes good compost for ornamental shrubs and the like. Just make sure that your 'doggie compost' is far away from both, your main compost and your vegetable garden and you are all set. Oh, and don't forget to add also other waste (branches, leaves etc) to the heap, if not it will not work well, but stink to high heavens ;-)

More Dog Waste Related Articles

... somebody had to write them ;-)
Picking up dog poop is no fun, but it shouldn't harm the environment neither! Instead of using plastic bags, use biodegradable dog poop bags, I found the best ones for you here ...
Updated: 03/13/2012, Sam
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Sam on 03/15/2012

You are welcome Brenda! Four dogs to clean up after is really something!

BrendaReeves on 03/14/2012

With four dogs in my yard, these come in handy. Thanks for the article.

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