Reincarnate Into A Beautiful TREE... Biodegradable Urn Turns People Into Trees When They Die

by Jerrico_Usher

This essentially re-introduces the human being to the natural circle of life!

A man named Gerard Moline created a product that many would cringe at seeing. Not because it's a bad idea or even impractical, but because many fear death more than anything life could throw at them. The realities of death, however, is that most people die and leave behind a great deal of debt because of funeral costs and often way overpriced ceremonies. I like to think when I die I want to still be a useful part of this world- my body that is.


Urn tree


I Want To Become A Tree When I Die!


I want to donate my organs to save lives, but I want the rest of my body cremated and put in a biodegradable urn. Why? Because the next step is to really get my body acquainted with "all life has to offer" underground. Your body is decomposed to feed mother earths "enzymes" and bugs, but it's also disassembled at the microscopic level and all the "goodness" that was in your body, from metals (copper, aluminum, even gold!) to nutrients, to water, is all useful to breathe life into many organisms and the soil itself.

But what if you could plant the urn in a container that would not only give something back when you're gone, it could grow an entire tree from the essence that was once your physical self? That's powerful in my mind.

Is it weird to plant a fruit tree in that spot instead of a bush or tree? Didn't think of that did you? I wouldn't do it but it's fascinating to think about.

As a living person planning your "burial" plot and bio-container, you don't have to think morbidly about it (no pun intended), just think that you have a say as to:


1. Where the tree is planted

2. WHAT type of tree you want to become

3. The knowledge that you're saving yourself and loved ones money by making this decision to die green



bio urn

Here's Another Biodegradable Urn to Tree Model In Action


Reincarnate Into A Tree!



Living green is fantastic, but I also want to die green- helping mother earth cope with it's stress, and help those I leave behind to mourn knowing that one day a big tree will be in that burial spot, and that feels more alive to people than a tombstone don't you think?

The "Bio-Urn" is constructed from biodegradable materials. Some of the things in it are coconut shell and cellulose. Compacted peat is also mixed in there. What would be more comfortable for your ashes than that?

The idea is your ashes become nutrition for the seed planted inside it. Following the structure of an Orange, the seed is germinated and taken care of by the ashes and biodegradable materials. This results in a tree you can cherish and remember people by. I'd love to know that my physical form experiences "life after death"! Wouldn't you?

I think a vase of flowers from said tree I become would be a much better way for my loved ones to remember me. They can stare at an urn or they can see flowers that the tree provides, my reincarnated self so to speak. Would be like a "living" version of me that lives and dies naturally but not without a bright intern in the middle- just like living life! Your born, you thrive, then you deteriorate but leave a mark nonetheless.The beauty is the flowers are replenished all year or seasonally...


Imagine the vases you could use! Instead of a picture of a baby here you could put the loved ones best picture and you could even change it when you want!

Personalized Baby Square Glass Vase with Photo Frame



What I really like about this idea is that there is a huge market for biodegradable urns and even documentary narrated gems like the above video (although he could have sounded less somber)... my favorite phrase in that video is "Imagine a cemetery filled only with trees"...

Can you imagine, for example, if you had your own property in an open acreage  and that property was lived in by generation after generation and everyone who died was reincarnated (of a sort) into a tree on the property. Imagine walking through a forest of your lineage! 

This concept brings up visions of Avatar and the tree of life there that people can connect to past spirits there, well we can do the same emotionally here with this concept in play. It would sure make a graveyard less creepy won't it? Instead of tombstones which are too expensive anyway, you can put a ribbon, a sign, or something to remind you which tree is your beloved's.


Some Avatar Tree Of Life Videos To Help You Visualize




Some Great Images Of The Concept In Motion

urn to treebio trio
biotree from urn
bioSpirit Tree... I like that


evolution of tree

In conclusion

I hope nobody reading this thought of this as a creepy topic, in reality it's a celebration for life, a way to cope with the loss of a loved one with a LIVING memorial. I find this idea exciting and plan to get a couple of those for me and my fiance. Now what kind of tree do I want to be? 


What kind of tree do YOU want to be?

Let us know below!

Thank you for reading!

Updated: 10/10/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Diane Hubbell on 05/11/2015

I am an online marketer and love this idea! I would like information on your affiliate program.
My company is Syranix, PLLC. Please contact me with affiliate link.

AngelaJohnson on 08/17/2014

I haven't heard of a bio urn, but three different friends scattered their parents ashes around a newly planted tree. I am an organ donor and do not want my family to have a funeral for me.

Jerrico_Usher on 03/07/2013

google bio urn and become a tree biodegradable urn to find companies that sell it.

sharlene dodds on 03/07/2013

how much does this cost

Jerrico_Usher on 02/22/2013

yea I'm blown away by the concept and knowing I'd become a tree that my loved ones can enjoy as my "spirit" incarnate when I'm gone gives me comfort. Thanks for reading! Pass it on, lets all become great trees!

Cheyenne on 02/22/2013

I just found out about this after a friend posted a photo and details on it on Facebook !! I think this is an awesome idea and totally what I want to do. I live in Alabama and do believe a Weeping Willow would suit me perfectly, Thank you :)

Jerrico_Usher on 01/15/2013

sounds lovely brl :) I'm thinking a fruit tree for me :)

Jerrico_Usher on 01/14/2013

You can find them here:

staci bryant on 01/14/2013

please contact me . i want to know how to purcahe a biotree for my fathers ashes. this is very important to my brother and myself. thank you staci amd matt

Jerrico_Usher on 10/24/2012

yea that would be awesome!

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