Black Tuxedo T-Shirts -- For Dressing Down at the Most Formal Affairs, or Something

by Regi_B

Black tux shirts -- the joke that keeps on giving!

Being a child of the '70s and recalling memories of fake tux T-shirts from that time, I asked myself, "When was the first tuxedo print T-shirt made?"

The answer? There was no answer -- not that I could find using the Google thingy.

The fact there was no answer shows us all just how important tuxedo T-shirts are. (Right? Well, maybe it shows the opposite.)

In any event, if you are looking for your very first tuxedo T-shirt, or you want to add to your collection, I hope you will find just the thing you are looking for in this article (even if what you are really looking for is just a good laugh).

One for Dad, One for Baby

Two In Love has a way with onesies. It is only "fitting" that they sell a tuxedo T-shirt paired with a onesie for baby!

When ordering, you get your choice of size on the adult shirt, and the onesie that comes with it is sized to a six-month-old. Both items are 100% cotton.

Now, this pair is what I call "Klassy with a 'K'"!

Two In Love! Matching Set Tuxedo T-Shirt w/ Onesie

Two In Love! MATCHING SET - Daddy/Baby Boy Formal Tuxedo ...
Only $32.99

Keep Warm and Formal -- or "Warmal"?

"Warmal"? Really, Regi B.?

Hey! They can't all be winners, but this faux tuxedo thermal shirt is certainly a contender for the championship!

The maker, Emo (What! Was "Shoe Gazer" taken?) added a purple-y boutonnière and vest effect, for nice accents.

The material is cotton/poly blend, so you can actually do something active in cold weather (like full-contact shoe gazing, or parkour) and not have to worry about your sweat staying next to your skin and making you clammy.

Try an Untied Bow Version -- to Look Like You Partied Hard!

Also from Emo, here is the "After Party" shirt. (See, the Emo kids do have a sense of humor!)

This cheeky faux tux shirt is printed on a cotton/poly thermal, and it features an "untied" bow and gives off a worn shirt effect.

If you want people to easily "know" you were partying hard, buy a regular tuxedo T-shirt for the party, and this one for the -- you guessed it! -- after party.

Have Some Pride in What You Wear!

If a pride parade -- or related function --is a big event for you, why not dress to "impress" with this black tux T-shirt with rainbow "accessories"?

People will get a kick out of your sense of humor, and you will be "properly" dressed for to enjoy the festivities!

Comes in black or white. 100% cotton.

Go "Wild" with a Euro Styled Red & Black "Formal" Tux T-Shirt

Whatever your event, you want to look your best. Well, what says "dressed up" better than a red accented black tuxedo T? (Probably, a lot of things -- no matter!)

Be nattily attired -- like a boss! -- in this tux T-shirt from BeWild that is great as a gift -- especially for yourself!

100% pre-shrunk cotton and available on black, charcoal, or red.

Where to Wear Your Black Tuxedo T-Shirt

It is most important to know where to wear a black tuxedo T-shirt. One would not want to be over-dressed. How embarrassing!

Don your faux tux top for:

  • First dates
  • Microbrewery tours
  • Pre-engagement parties
  • The SATs or ACTs (First attempt, third attempt, and subsequent. Second attempt is always marred by self-induced sleeplessness.)
  • Clay digging
  • Clam digging
  • Spam digging
  • Duck spaying
  • Duck spamming
  • Spam ducking
  • Duckling spraying
  • Spruce shucking (pretty sure that's not a real thing)
  • Fraudulent fraud hearings held in a vacuum, or
  • Writing a silly Wizzley list, as I am want to do.

Now, wherever you don your tuxedo T-shirt, do don it well!

Black Tuxedo T-Shirts for Sale on eBay

Updated: 03/21/2012, Regi_B
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