Black White and Blue Bedding

by HomeArtist1

It's black, white and blue bedding and comforter sets like these that can take on a host of vibes and decor schemes with the same color trio.

With blue, black and white bedding, there will be plenty of decor options for a finished bedroom you'll love.It's true; a comforter with a bit of black, a splash of blue and a white backing, you've a light, breezy look--almost a nautical presence. But a host of black with white striping and a toss of navy blue accent pillows and the result is classic, indeed.
But just as these three colors are amazingly versatile, you'll need to find the right mix of tones and color ratios for just the look you're after, bringing you closer to the total bedroom redo you've long been pining for.

Getting Started In Your Bedroom Space


Your bed is often a bedroom's biggest contributor to the space, so it's a great idea to go all out s practical without budget-overload. Bedding has quite the job description in playing host, betraying your theme or color scheme and grounding your space--all while welcoming guests with an eye pleasing start. Boy, that's a lot of return on your investment!

Ideally, your bedding should contrast with your focal wall, seemingly leaping from your focal wall like this fabulous white, blue and black comforter set accomplishes. I like the balance of color in the model room, too, where the white panels play a big part against a blue wall.

You'll have it all with this bedding choice: balance, color, dimension and warmth--that's some focal piece, indeed.

navy blue and white; a fabulous contrast outlined in black
3-Piece Greek Key Navy Blue, White and Black Bedding Set: Queen & K...

What Blue Hue Are You?


Consider Your Natural Light Before Settling On Your Bedding

Just like the dimensions of any number of rooms are different, the natural light each room hosts is quite different, too.

For bedrooms with little or no natural light peering in, you may want to consider bedding with a light base like the comforter set above left with it's white base and medium blue striping. With light bedding, its reflective properties will seeming brighten the room.

Balance Through Your Bedding's Linear Detail

The light blue and white comforter set here at left has a finished black edge; it's quite a balanced, linear look that all rooms can support.

Later, I'll broach the color issue and how you can influence your room's overall scheme by manipulating color.

In all, it's a matter of taste with either bedding set--warm and close with dark colors or bright and airy with lighter ones. What hue are you/

Keep Your Blue, Black and White Bedding Alive: Add Light Where Needed

Contrary to the lighter bed sets the black comforter set here, needs plenty of ambient and/or natural light to keep your favorite bedroom space from becoming weighted down in dark tones aka the 'looming shadow effect' (well, I coined that phrase but you get the visual).

Supplement your available light at every level: floor level, ceiling and nightstand level.

The Blue Blues: Adding Black, White or Blue Into Your Space


sheet sets bring your elusive hue into your space

If your bedding has plenty of 'wow' but not enough of the right hue--be it white, blue or black, may be the answer.

To balance out your color palette, sheets like this budget-friendly, 4-piece set, can put the missing color back into your bed's ensemble quite nicely and without much ado.

Add solid sheets like this one, here that's available in either of your colors. Do a half roll on your top bedding, be it a comforter, duvet or bedspread so you expose any of the lost colors you need.


Great Bedding Options for Adding Navy Blue Sheets to Complete Your Color Scheme

Much like the 'sheet trick' I talked about earlier, bedding that's amiss a shade or even missing a color in your scheme, using accessories can bring your bedroom into the realm and balance of blue, black and white.

Pillows are a great idea, as they add to that all-important layering technique, building dimension in the process.

Another great option for adding blue is with your window treatments. Use navy or medium blue panels, so the eye absorbs and remembers the color combo.

Don't give up on a great bed set just because it needs a pinch of this color or a splash of that. Use pillows, sheets, window panels and/or area rugs--even lamp shades and get that color you're after.

I've a penchant for modern decor, so I'm a big fan of linear design like these blue and white bedding sets boast.

But lines aren't just a design to be admired; they can also work to 'broaden' your space. Now, it's only a visual thing when using lines to create this effect but the technique works well--especially where floor space is at a premium.

Horizontal lines work to widen the space in our visual plane, so it appears as though the room is wider than it truly is.

In contrast, vertical lines help the space appear more elongated than it truly is, much like you may have read about in the fashion pages, lines work equally to alter the actual playing field.

Another trick for helping your space look more generous, is to tuck an area rug just under your bed diagonally. This technique helps make the space appear bigger. So, between the lines and a nice rug, you've one airy abode!

Updated: 10/23/2015, HomeArtist1
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Mira on 05/05/2015

I really like your first bedding set and room :)

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