by Broken_Dreamer01

I think I may need more than duct tape this time...

I am a recovering addict. I have a condition no one can diagnose. I have family and friends including the drama that comes with relationships. I have fallen in love. I have rediscovered my love of writing.

I am a middle aged young lady

Who is also a broken dreamer...

Talking about myself is difficult because I believe that one's personal life is private. I don't read tabloids about stars because its none of my business. If I like what they do professionally, that's enough for me. I don't watch Jerry Springer and such because I don't want to encourage drama.

I began formulating the world my books come from to escape the trauma of my childhood while finding ways to survive. When I discovered drugs, the fantasy world became more real to me than reality. I thank God I am in recovery!

My online writing is what I experience in reality. My first experience with the steps are here on Wizzley. I write about spirituality on HubPages. My less than brilliant thoughts are on MySpace. My experiences with my condition is on BrokenDreamers World. I try to learn important stuff on Google+ and have chosen to delete my pages on facebook. I am still not sure what to do with my MSN account, but I use my Hotmail account to try to organize everything.

I have a book in the final stages before submission for an agent. I have begun to write second book. Both are set on Cholantic; home of mystical creatures, magic and drama!!!

Sunrise in Texas
Sunrise in Texas
Sapphire Jenson
Evry cloud has a silver lining
Evry cloud has a silver lining
Sapphire Jenson

Wizzley Articles

Substance abuse and recovery
I had to show all my demons to someone. I had to release the demon I really was for another to see.
Like a shadow in a horror flick, the demons inside turn out to be nothing but fear.
Hidden sunrise 1
Hidden sunrise 1
Sapphire Jenson
I dunno... Anything
I dunno... Anything
Sapphire Jenson

Random Loss of Limb Control

My condition

Some of my other writings

HubPages Profile
Here is where I write about spiritual matters.

Here I write about odds and ends things. Things that take up space in my mind until I write them out.

Interesting sites

A spattering of what interests me

My condition is hers too!
She was writing about what I have...

SpencerPhoenix Photography
I may try photography one day...

Great love letter how to!!!
Not only does she explain how, but she gives you examples, encourages you to copy them and add your own stuff!



Without useful criticism, one cannot grow beyond where they currently are. This wise jewel was given to me by the most cherished person in my life!

I would love to hear from you. Just below is a comments section, you may put your comments, suggestions, questions, whatever in there. I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest.

Updated: 03/15/2012, Broken_Dreamer01
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