Buy a Compost Keeper for Less

by Regi_B

Living green is great! What is greater? Buying a compost keeper that does not cost you too much green.

If the ideal is living green, then the ultimate is living green within one's means. (Yes. I rhymed with intent, right there.)

As high an ideal as is green living, it does us less good to pay too high a price tag for it. I am a believer in getting what you pay for, sure! I also believe in not paying too much.

That is the point of this article -- to help you find an indoor compost keeper (or bucket, or pale) that fits your budget. I hope the content here gets you composting soon.

Do enjoy!

Compost Keepers Are Not Garbage

But they are full of it...

A Compost Keeper Is...

Also known as:
  • A compost bucket,
  • A compost pail,
  • A compost collector,
  • A counter-top compost container,
  • You get the idea.

Compost Keepers

Here are some good examples:
$49.65  $48.73
Only $19.95
$35.0  $34.5

The Best Compost Keeper for the Money

This kitchen compost container from Oggi is made from bamboo fiber. It has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon, and has a lower price than stainless steel compost pails. If you like the look of the bamboo fiber -- and I certainly do -- it is worth your consideration.

Only $38.99

A Very Nice Compost Keeper from Simplehuman

Because you get what you pay for...

How to Save Money When Buying a Compost Keeper for Your Home

Whether you call yours a "compost keeper", a "compost bucket", a "kitchen compost bin", or whatever, I am sure you do not want to overpay for a new one. I have some ideas for you.

First off, the cheapest compost keeper I could find online at the time of this writing was one for under $15 from Biobag. When we consider what goes into a compost keeper, and how we do not want it to smell up the whole house, it is good to note that low-priced model rates high with customer reviewers on Amazon.

Still, you do not have to buy a compost keeper online to save money at it. In fact, you can find them at Goodwill stores. I have seen new ones for sale at Goodwill -- and those good folks always offer new items at a nice price. Of course, on a lucky day, you could find a used, good-condition compost keeper on the housewares shelves at Goodwill. Nothing like a little reduce, reuse, recycle action to keep with the green theme of composting waste.

As for yard sales, tag sales, and the like, I would not expect to usually find a compost keeper in that situation.

More likely, you will find folks selling compost keepers on everybody's favorite online yard sale, eBay. Graciously as ever, I have provided you with some eBay links below of current auctions going on for compost keepers.

I hope I have given you enough options to find the right compost keeper for you at a price that works. Happy composting!

Compost Keepers on eBay

Updated: 05/17/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 05/17/2012

Well said, Katie. :)

katiem2 on 05/17/2012

These are great examples of kitchen compost keepers. There are so many times I just don't have the time to run out and add my compost to the outdoors compost. This is perfect, I love it now I won't hesitate to juice, chop or eat more raw fruits and veggies as I can discreetly add the rinds, peels, leaves and such to my lovely compost keeper. I love it THANKS!

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