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by EmpressFelicity

Conventional lunch boxes are great for packing food to take to school or work, but they're usually too big for one sandwich. That's why sandwich boxes are such a great idea

Whenever I go anywhere for the day, I usually take my own packed lunch. This will sometimes take the form of a salad, but as often as not it'll be a sandwich. The sandwich I make will fit comfortably inside a conventional lunch box - too comfortably in fact; there's usually a gap of a few inches between the top slice of the sandwich and the lid of the lunch box!  It's not big enough to fit anything else like an apple or a banana, so it's just wasted space - and even if you could put a piece of fruit in there, it would only squish the sandwich. Even worse, unless you put anything in the gap (like a scrunched up bit of foil), or you're careful to rest the lunch box on the bottom of your bag, the components of your sandwich can end up coming adrift from each other! This is why I was so pleased to discover sandwich boxes. Sandwich boxes, as opposed to lunch boxes, are designed to be just big enough to fit one sandwich of conventional size and shape - nothing else.  So your sandwich stays safe, and you don't end up using all the space in your bag with an outsized lunch box. And if you're taking a piece of fruit or bar of chocolate with you too, you can just chuck it in on top of the sandwich box.

The compactness of sandwich boxes make them ideal for children to take to school - if they use a lunch bag, there will still be room to put a healthy piece of fruit inside as well as the sandwich box. There are a lot of sandwich box designs out there which are guaranteed to appeal to children: they have plenty of child-friendly design touches like transparency (so your child can see what's inside!), groovy colours and cartoons or other pictures - I'm particularly taken with the dinosaur one shown in the capsule below. Or if dinosaurs aren't your child's thing, how about Dora The Explorer or Transformers? Several of the sandwich boxes featured here also have a one-piece, hinged construction so there are no lids to lose - another feature that makes them ideal for children.

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Transformers plastic sandwich box- Transformers food container

Food Container Sandwich Keeper by Trudeau (Random Colors)

Here's an easy way to take your sandwich to work or on a picnic. The lid is attached to the container so you don't have to worry about losing it or anything. No more cling ...


Available on Amazon

Trudeau 30301998 Assorted Colors Fuel Everest Sandwich Box

* Sandwich box * One piece construction * Never lose your lid * Practical size * No more cling film or sandwich bags * Eco friendly * BPA free * 5 year warranty * ...

Only $3.59
Tupperware Sandwich Keeper Set Orange

Pack a Perfect Lunch & More! Everyone needs a handful of these fabulous containers for themselves and their family. The Sandwich Keeper is a one-piece wonder. Designed to fit ...

Only $26.95

If you're an adult and want something a bit more grown-up, you can always stick with plain sandwich boxes. Tupperware - still going strong after over seventy years - makes several designs of sandwich box in fab retro-style colours. From a grown-up perspective, the fab thing about sandwich boxes is that because they're so flat - usually about 1.5 inches - they will happily fit inside your laptop bag or case. For anyone who takes their laptop everywhere, this has to be a good thing.

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Sandwich Box - Dinosaur Design Dyno Box

Your child will love showing off his or her prehistoric themed lunch with the Dyno Boxtrade; Sandwich Box by Evriholder Products. This translucent designer box will keep your ...

Dora the Explorer Sandwich Box with Lid

How do you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich look better? This adorable reusable Dora sandwich box can be used for storage or making lunch time a little more special

Hello Kitty design triangle shape foldable sandwich container

Hello Kitty design triangle shape foldable sandwich box, dimension: W3" x H4.25" x D4", imported from Japan.

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