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by Regi_B

A simple, yet fun toy from decades past keeps its magnetic appeal.

I do admit an affinity for the Wooly Willy toy in my childhood.

Perhaps, you could say I was "drawn" to it. (Perhaps, you could say I am a cheese ball who makes silly puns. Both -- BOTH! -- are probably true!)

Let us talk about this toy -- its magnetism, its applications, and even if it is appropriate for grown-ups (big kids like you, and me!).

A Little Wooly Willy History

I can remember playing with this toy as a child in or about 1974. Now, I know few folks will ever come by this page wondering, "Hey! What the heck was that comedian Regi B playing with when he was a 4-year-old?" I rather doubt that. I rather doubt it indeed.

That said, according to the toy's Wikipedia entry, Wooly Willy first showed his face on the marketplace in 1955. Which perhaps, explains why my mother was so keen to offer such a toy to me. It was introduced during her childhood. On second thought, she was probably just trying to occupy me for some reason or another. ;-)

Even today, the Wooly Willy has applications with children. We would not want a child to believe that only electrified, hand-held devices can entertain and spark the imagination. No! Indeed, something with a magnetic personality like Wooly Willy can do it, too!

What Makes Wooly Willy so Magnetic?

As you may already be aware, Wooly Willy features a piece of printed cardboard with vacuum-sealed plastic attached to it. Inside the sealed plastic's bubble are thousands of metal shavings. The toy's user employs the attached stylus with magnet inside to move and manipulate the metal shavings and "draw" items onto Wooly Willy's printed face.

I just said a mouthful! (Well, I wrote a mouthful -- or something. You see my meaning! Maybe.)

In short, you can change Willy's face with a magnet.

Do you think Wooly Willy is right for your little one, your school, or even you? I think it provides constructive fun for all ages (but then, I'm a comedian, not a kid expert -- a "kidspert"?).

If you decide Wooly Willy is for your child (or you -- I won't tell!), you can pick him up through this page. Helping you shop right through this page is very thoughtful of me, I know! ;-)

Buy a Wooly Willy Toy Online!

Wooly Willy Original
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What to Draw on Wooly Willy

  • A "bowl" haircut
  • Earrings
  • A mohawk
  • Nose ring
  • Goatee
  • Missing teeth
  • Scary drool, or
  • Willy eating his vegetables.

What you draw on your Wooly Willy is up to you. Let your imagination be your guide.

Wooly Willy Party Favors Pack

Wooly WillyTM Mini Games Pkg/4
Updated: 03/27/2012, Regi_B
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