Buy Biodegradable Paper Straws and Be Green No Matter Your Color Choice

by Regi_B

Back from the past is the paper straw -- new and improved, and kinder to the earth than its plastic competition.

While I do not totally buy that everything old is new again, it is a sometimes true statement. One case is with paper straws.

When I was a kid, we had these frustrating paper straws that came with our milk cartons and became mushy and flimsy in no time. These straws are not those straws.

Today, the paper straw has evolved -- into something that is the delight of parties. It is certainly a green straw alternative to its plastic "counterpart".

Companies are so committed to the success of these "green" straws that they sell them in a range of designs and colors. You can find a style appropriate for most any party you might host.

Paper straws are fun, practical, and a conversation starter.

Let's drink in who sells these party starters. (Yes, "drink in" is a bad play on words. I know.)

Kikkerland Biodegradable Paper Straws

The Kikkerland people make a lot of nifty housewares. An array of paper straw designs is among them. These paper straws are made with food-safe ink, come 144 to a box, and are available in several designs, so you know you will find something that meets with your decorating tastes for your given social function.

(In truth, you do not need a special occasion at all to buy festive paper straws. In fact, your occasion could just be something like "I want to do my part for the earth," -- a decision as much as an appropriate occasion.)

These straws have received good reviews on Amazon -- a fact that spells out these are quality paper straws.

Sip Sticks Biodegradable Paper Drinking Straws

These straws will take you back to "the good ol' days", especially if you are older than me. (How old am I? Older than most people think.)

FDA approved and made with food-safe inks, Sip Sticks offer the look and feel of straws from days gone by without the mushy, break-apart reality. In fact, Sip Sticks last for hours where the old school paper straw made it mere minutes. (Is "mere minutes" an exaggeration? Probably, but that is how I remember it! LOL!)

If you like good memories of the 1950s, and keepin' it green, you will enjoy Sip Sticks.

Sip Sticks

If you have something to say about paper drinking straws, please do so in Comments. Just let it not be pulp. (Did that just happen? Yes, yes it did. Don't blame me. Blame the paper I'm printed on. Yes, it just happened again.)

Updated: 04/06/2012, Regi_B
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