Buy Fairy Berries Lights-Magical LED Orbs In Great Colors

by LPerry

Are you looking for something really cool and interesting in the way of novelty toys that light up? Fairy berries just might be what you are looking for.

Buy fairy berries lights and enter the magical realm of amazing novelty toys that make people stop and say, "wow, those are cool!". Not only are these products a bit space-age in concept, they attract the curiosity of adults and kids alike. One thing is for certain, if you know someone that has everything, fairy berries lights would make a gift they have never seen before. They are fun, trendy and for the most part very affordable. This type of lightning design is another great invention in the world of ambiance/ decorative products using LED technology.

What Are Fairy Berries Lights?

When I first heard the name Fairy Berries, the last thing on my mind was lighting. That is exactly what these cool orbs are, little lights without any cords attached. They have a tiny LED battery inside them that creates a slow blinking light action that makes it appear to twinkle and shimmer.

 Fairy berries come in different colors. Some are sold in sets of all one color and other sets come in multi-color varieties. The only downside to a product like this might be having to go and pick them up individually to change their batteries.

The Beauty Of Fairy Berries In Different Colors

Ways That People Have Fun With Fairy Berries

People use fairy berries in the pool to create ambiance at pool parties. They float and are completely waterproof. People sprinkle them around the garden, hang them from the ceiling and even find ways of stringing them together as jewelry. Fairy berries are finding their way into outdoor weddings and parties. They are great for creating festive atmospheres for any get-together that includes having fun. Since they are waterproof, I imagine that you could pop a few into drinks at a party although it may not be recommended. I personally think they would look pretty cool as a cupcake topper at a kids party.

Where To Buy Fairy Berries Lights Online

( If They Are Not Sold Out)

No matter where you search online, you will find that these products are not as expensive as the manufacturer could make them. Ever since they came on the market, they have been a huge hit. Fairy berries are so popular, in fact, that major online mega-stores have sold out on many of the colors and they are on back order.


Fortune Products LED Orbs are available in packs of 10 with 10 color choices
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The Lighting Effects You Can Create Are Amazing

I love what you can do with these LED orbs. They aren't just for special occasions or parties. I think they would look awesome in a teen bedroom or as mood lighting around the house.

The photo here shows how beautifully you can decorate a table nesting them in shredded party paper like glowing, magical eggs.

Fairy Berries Magical LED Light, 3/4" Diameter
Fairy Berries Magical LED Light, 3/4"...
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Fairy Lights are not just for Elves. Strategically placed, they transform plain outdoor spaces into wonderlands of ambiance and magic for parties, gatherings and special events.
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mihgasper on 02/21/2017

It's almost unbelievable how many things changed in recent years with lights. These fairy berries are really affordable and I believe we'll see more and more of them. The future is so bright ... ;-)

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