The Best LED Curtain Lights For Making Magical Fairy Walls In Your Home

by LPerry

Making fairy walls with LED Curtain lights has to be one of the most fun ways to add a little magic to a hum drum room. These pretty curtain lights are festive and affordable.

LED Curtain lights are a lovely way to add warmth and drama to an otherwise boring room. People decorate with these types of lights to make statements, add ambiance, or simply as a reminder that lighting affects our moods. However you look at curtain lights, they certainly are pretty and mood enhancing.

Decorating With Lights Never Gets Old

Create Whatever Mood You Want

One of the reasons why we as humans are attracted to certain color themes is for the mood we are trying to enhance or create.

Shown Here-8-Mode Curtain Lights In Pink

Over the years, I have used almost every shade of bulb and find pink to be the prettiest. What do you think about pink?

Curtain Lights or Light Curtains; no matter what you call them, they create a lot of pizazz on walls, windows, doorways, patios, and party areas.

Rainbow Waterfall Curtain Lights

 When I first saw this photo, I was completely enchanted with the glow of the lights and the overall color scheme. The shade combination makes quite a pretty display.

  See If These Are Right For You

  • The colors of the bulbs are turquoise, pink, blue, and purple.
  • You get 16 strings with 12 lights on each one for a total of 192 bulbs.

High-Tech Fairy String Lights

Winner of the golden glow awards. Imagine the glow these lights would have if they were installed on a home way out in the country. It would be like New Years Eve any time of year. Gorgeous!

Learn More About These Fairy String Lights With Remote Control

  • Comes with a generous 304 LED lights.
  • Can be set with 8 different blink modes.
  • Lights also come in blue, purple, white, and multi-color.


Enjoy The Twinkle Of These Little Stars 

 Beautiful, isn't it? When these types of lights are displayed properly, they are absolutely breathtaking. This particular set casts a warm glow that creates feel good vibes. You can choose from three colors.

See Customer Photos And Reviews

  • Comes with 300 LED lights that can be set in 8 different modes.
  • Has a memory function that allows you to control the display on the next start up.


A Festive, Yet Elegant Way To Dress A Window

If you have decorating in your soul, you can easily see how double strands of fairy lights create a magical impact on the decor. These are absolutely gorgeous.

View The Manufacturer Images

  • Remote control with 8 modes of lighting.
  • Also come with multi-color lights or warm white.



LED Fairy Lights Create A Rainbow Indoors

For some of us, home is where the fun is. We enjoy life to the fullest and that includes loving  cheery colors that uplift and energize us.  You don't have to be an aging hippie to love these.

Find Out What People Are Saying About These Lights

  •  Operated by remote control with 8 different modes.
  • The manufacturer video really shows off the fun factor of these lights.


Rainbow LED Curtain String Lights

Are LED Curtain Lights Hard To Hang?

Most people either make use of the hangers that come included with purchase, or use Command Hook products purchased separately.

If they are too long, they can be cut to fit from the bottom. It sounds scary, but it won't damage the lights.

Good Product Videos Are So Helpful

It's wonderful when you can get some inspiration and decorating ideas watching videos.

The best thing about this type of lighting is that you can either go elegant, or go festive. Perhaps a little of both.

If you like having friends over, they are certainly going to be impressed with your decorating savvy.

Caution : If you are a Senior Citizen on medication, the following  LED curtain lights might cause increased excitement and the strange urge to dance ( if your hips still work) .

Decorating With Lights Is An Easy Way To Make Rooms Look Beautiful

You don't have to be a disco duck to enjoy this type of lighting. They don't necessarily mean a party is being planned. For most people, they are simply a statement of joy and happiness. It's nice to come home after a long, tiring day and experience the positive glow of pretty lights.

Updated: 02/23/2021, LPerry
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LPerry on 02/08/2021

I agree with you. At my age, I prefer elegant to festive. LOL

DerdriuMarriner on 02/08/2021

LPerry, Thank you for every practical information and product line being paired with pretty pictures.
In particular, I like the rainbow and the twinkling stars. However, I tend toward the "Festive, Yet Elegant Way To Dress A Window" because sometimes strong colors can be a bit strong 24-7.

blackspanielgallery on 02/07/2021

The two positives about LED lights are the small amount of electricity required and the cooler temperature at which they operate. The coolness makes it less dangerous as a fire starter, and
does not add heat to a room, perhaps not a problem in winter, but is so during summer.

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