LED Starburst Lights-Fun Party String Lights For Celebrating

by LPerry

LED Starburst Lights are a fun way to decorate for special events or holidays. If you are looking for a snazzy way to decorate your special event, check out these fun lights.

LED Starburst Lights are creative party lighting designs that make it easy to jazz up your space for a celebration. Party lighting has come such a long way that some of them look like works of art. If you love creating awesome events, you can't go wrong with these beautiful designs. You can also get some creative decorating ideas just by browsing through all the fun colors and their operating choices.

Multicolored Starburst Lights Are So Beautiful

Starburst  Lights That Look Like Tie-Dye

These lights remind me of those beautiful tie-dye shirts you see at Fairs and Carnivals. It's amazing to see how far novelty light designs have advanced.

Comes With 8 Modes To Pick Your Favorite Pattern

  •  No need for an electrical outlet.
  • Can be hung from adhesive hooks.
  • Comes in a twin pack.


Bend Them The Way You Want Them

The star burst rays can be arranged anyway you like them. Because they flex and bend, you can create flowers, urchin-like silhouettes, or whatever works with your theme.

 See Them Displayed In Different Fun Ways

  • Can be dimmed to create the perfect mood lighting.
  • Comes with 6 lights and remote control.
  • Bendable petals give you artistic control.

Sometimes, We Need More Whimsy In Our Lives

Don't you love the whimsy and fun of these lights? Technically, even though they are lights to be displayed for special occasions, they would make a unique gift for someone who loves novelty items.

These are definitely teen-friendly as far as the "coolness" factor goes.


Fun Party Patterns

I can't say why these lights remind me of Amish quilts, but they do. What I love about them is that they make cute conversation starters for any type of gathering.

See  All The Different Lighting Effects You Can Create

  • Can be set up in 8 different modes including fade outs, flash, and waves.
  • A Battery-free system if you prefer using a plug in.

Lights That Mimic The Look  Of A Sparkler

 Starburst String Lights For Kids Of All Ages

You definitely don't have to be  a kid or a teenager to find starburst lights appealing. They are pretty for their own sake.

 Also Available In Many Other Colors

  •  This shade of bulb is a bit more conservative for kids 55 and older.
  • Can be used outdoors in all types of weather.



Accent Lighting Was Never More Fun

You might have a stale, boring bedroom, but adding a bouquet of these can add a little fun to your space. These pretty bulbs can also create magic around your home at holiday time.

 Watch The Video And See How Folks Use Them At Holiday Time

  • Warm white bulbs fit into any decorating scheme.
  • They come with a remote and batteries.
  • You get 200 LED lights.


Life Before Battery-Operated Remote Control Party Lights

Remember way back in the olden days, say, around 1970 or so, when a party light was a candle with a colored glass top?

If you were really hip, you used Black-light bulbs and fuzzy neon posters to create the mood.

Hippie Costumes
Hippie Costumes

When You Are Creative

You can really dream up some amazing themes

These little lights let you dream up whatever theme you can imagine. You can also create a magical oasis in your bedroom or den just for yourself. Since humans have emotional responses to color and light, it makes sense that they can alter our moods for the better.

Speaking Of Happy Lights

It doesn't take much to come up with some fun ways to use these colorful lights. Not only are they kid magnets, but teen and old-kid magnets too.

 See These Lights Up Close

  • Bendable and flexible to shape them anyway you like.
  • Waterproof for safe outdoor decorating.
  • Comes with 240 colorful lights.


Micro LED  Starburst Lights-More Decorating Choices

Super Cute  Micro LED Battery Operated Lights

 Wispy and floaty-looking, smaller lights fit wonderfully in many different venues. Like those milk pod seeds we used to chase in the breeze, they draw us in like magnets.

 Learn More About Lights4fun Starburst Lights

  • You get 40 warm white lights.
  • Has a convenient timer function.
  • Battery operated so you can use them anywhere.

The Benefits Of Copper Wire Novelty Lights

You may have noticed that many of these products use copper wire. If you are wondering what the benefits are compared to regular wire, in simple, basic terms for non-Electricians, here it is: they stay cooler longer.

My Personal Favorite

Decorating A Boat Or Lake Cabin

The reflection of colored lights on the water makes for a lovely sight at night. Years and years ago, I celebrated a New Years Eve at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. I will always remember the beauty of those boats with their festive strands of lights creating a magical glow on the water.

San Diego Bay Parade of Lights 2014 by Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, CC BY 2.0
San Diego Bay Parade of Lights 2014 by Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, CC BY 2.0

The glow of blue lights in the evening signifies one of several things; either you are getting pulled over by the Sheriff, Martians have landed, or someone is having a party. The party sounds much better, doesn't it?

Updated: 03/06/2021, LPerry
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LPerry on 02/24/2021

That is so funny ! LOL I got a nice chuckle from that.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/24/2021

LPerry, Thank you for the pictures, practicalities and products.
In particular, I'd like to decorate my car with blue starburst lights even though I'm sure I'd be pulled over by the police for disrupting traffic what with everyone looking at me and wondering what my Martian friends look like and where the party is. Just kidding.
They all tempt me, particularly for basement, garage and porch decorations, even though I especially favor the Amish quilt-like, happy and tie-dye-like arrangements.

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