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by TommysToys

Do you have a daughter who loves the high seas? If she's looking for a partner to cast off with then it's surely got to be Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors.

There's nothing more exciting for a young fan of the Lalaloopsy dolls than the release of a new character. The Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors doll was one of the new dolls released in 2011. Read on and find out more about this nautical Lalaloopsy and the different toys you can buy.

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Who is Marina Anchors?

With so many new Lalaloopsy dolls in the stores it can be hard to keep track of which is which. As you should know by now each Lalaloopsy has their own special personality inspired by the clothes they were sewn from. In Marina's case she was always going to love the sea made as she was from a sailors uniform. Many of the original Lalaloopsy dolls had the kind of personalities that were easily recognizable to children. Crumbs Sugar Cookie loves making cakes and having tea parties while Spot Splatter Splash loves to get mucky while she paints.

Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors
Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors

Marina Anchors, however, sees the beginning of more adventurous Lalaloopsy dolls. No sitting around the house for her when there are so many different places to explore.

Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors Review

Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors has one of the best outfits, in my opinion. With blue hair, blue shoes and a mainly blue dress Marina wears her love of the ocean on her sleeve so to speak. With a red stripy top, red bow tie and red bows in her hair she is certainly a colorful character. When she's sailing she's always in complete control and doesn't take kindly to any messing about. The ocean can be a dangerous place and she can't swim yet! Every Lalaloopsy has their own pet to help them on their adventures and cute little Marina also has a very cute whale to look out for her.

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Mini Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors

There are only so many full sized Lalaloopsy dolls a child can have around the house but there's no end to the number of mini Lalaloopsy dolls she can collect. These miniature versions are cheap at under $10 and make a great gift for anytime of the year. Mini Lalaloopsy Marina Anchors is especially cute and comes with her extra small blue whale pet and some fun accessories including a telescope to spot land ahoy, a small boat and a life preserver to keep afloat any young girls who can't swim yet!

Marina Anchors Bubble Fun

And if mini Marina Anchors isn't enough for your demanding kids then why not take mini Lalaloopsy fun to the next level with this adorable Lalaloopsy playset. The Marina Anchors Bubble Fun playset includes everything that a girl needs to enjoy bath-time to the fullest. Check out Marina in her colorful bathing costume and rubber ring! As well as her Whale, life preserver and toy ship she also has her complete bathroom set. Her bath has been decked out as a ship and she can splash for hours and clean herself up with her bottle of bubble bath and back scrubbing brush. And once she'd nice and dry then it's time to clean her teeth at her own bathroom sink while admiring herself in her vanity mirror.

Marina Anchors Sale

Marina Anchors Lalaloopsy makes a great addition to your child's doll collection and is very affordable. If you want to find Marina Anchors for sale at the best prices then head on over to Amazon for low prices and secure shopping and shipping.

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TommysToys on 03/09/2012

Thank you for the welcome Brenda. This is one of my favorites but there are loads of them to choose from now and anew range called Lalaloopsy Littles. Where will it end!

BrendaReeves on 03/09/2012

I have two granddaughters and these look so cute. I'll have to think about getting some of these for their birthdays. Welcome to Wizzley.

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