Buy Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks for the Green Guitar Player

by Regi_B

Here is a great, green, gift idea, for the gifted guitar god in your life!

Vinyl records have gone the way of the rotary telephone, the analog radio, and (nearly) the dodo bird! It is sad, I know!

Still, plenty of groovy, grooved vinyl exists. As this is not easily bio-degraded, what to do with it? What to do?

One answer to that question enables us to give a unique, little gift to musicians who are dear to us. (Heck! You could give them to musicians you don't give a dang about, too!)

What Are Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks?

Once, vinyl records were ubiquotous. If you wanted to listen to recorded music at home, vinyl records were it! Even when recorded tape products came onto the scene, vinyl records still dominated for quality sound.

In the 1980s, the compact disc slowly brought the death of vinyl. Surely, there are collectors of old vinyl records, but what to do with the editions that may not be worth collecting? (Not every pressing of some tune that was never a hit is worth saving. Isn't that right, Captain Beefheart?)

Recycle, that is what!

Enter the recycled record guitar pick!

Why Buy Guitar Picks from Old Vinyl Records?

If you are into the green scene, then you may want to seriously consider recycled record guitar picks -- for you, for someone on your gift list, for both. Other guitar picks are made from vinyl, but those are new, requiring energy to melt, press, and finish the new picks.

These recycled vinyl picks reuse vinyl records already in existence -- saving landfill space, and skipping the melting step of new vinyl picks.

If rockin' out with Mother Earth on your mind is your thing, then your picks ought to be "green". These recycled LP picks are for you.

Weird, blue guitar player, huh?
Weird, blue guitar player, huh?

Are Recycled Record Guitar Picks for the Serious Guitar Player?

Good guitar picks here? Just a novelty? I would definitely call these picks more than just a novelty. While thickness varies (because of dealing with a range of old vinyl records), these guitar picks are uniformly cut, and then sanded smooth, so you know they play comfortably.

At $4.99 for a set of six, these recycled record guitar picks will at least put a smile on your beloved guitar player's face.

See Recycled Vinyl Guitar Picks in Action!

How Do You Buy Recycled Vinyl Record Guitar Picks Right Now?

I know! I have got you beside yourself -- so ready to buy these guitar picks you just can't stand it! I am never one to stand in the way of a person and the thing they want. Don't let me stop you! ;-)

"Jam" on the link below if you just have to have 'em!


Updated: 03/27/2012, Regi_B
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