Buy Tires on Apparently

by Regi_B

Did you know you can buy tires on Amazon? I know! It blows my mind, too!

Sure, buying tires online has been around a while, but I was recently perusing -- I say "perusing" because I am pretentious, and I say "pretentious" because I am pretentious -- but anywhoozleboozles! Yep! There I was! Thinking of buying a toaster or whatever, when I noticed, you can totally order tires from Amazon! Whoa! Wow!

How is it done? Does it work? Would I do it? Those questions will be answered in this here Wizzle!

Now! Burn some rubber and read the rest!

How to Buy Tires on

This is an easy thing. First, just be sure you know your tire size. How do you do that? Have a looky at the size currently on your car. Recommended tire sizes may also available in the door jam of your car -- the driver's door. (How do yo make a door jam? I don't do puns. Puns are hackney. Actually, I just couldn't think of one!)

With your tire size known, just click a link to Amazon on this Wizzley page. For example, this one.

Does Buying Tires on Amazon Work?

Amazon has a wizard on their site where you input your car's make and model quickly, easily, like popping butter in the microwave (or something).

You could absolutely say buying tires with Amazon works. 

Once you place your order, they send your tires to the garage of your choice. 

This is helpful if you want "your guy" to put on the specific tires you select -- say a brand that is not carried in your area, for example. ("Your guy"? What! Am I writing in code now?)


Pros of Buying Tires from Amazon

  • You can shop without leaving home.
  • The tires are shipped directly to the garage of your choice.
  • Little, green men won't "get ya"! o_O

Cons of Buying Tires from Amazon

  • Many garages charge a surcharge for installing tires they did not sell you.
  • You don't get to experience "that rubber smell" found only inside tire stores.

As a someone seeking to add value to people's lives in any way I can, I really hope this page made you think, or laugh, or go "Hmm!" (About tires? Really, Regi B.?)

Well, any wha?, if I may help in your quest to shod your vehicle with the best, please let me know with a comment below!

Updated: 10/24/2012, Regi_B
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RebeccaE on 01/17/2013

I enjoyed this, and I laughed at the "little green men"

Regi_B on 10/24/2012

I'm glad you laughed. It's one of my goals, making people laugh. :)

Regi_B on 10/24/2012

I am glad to give you a chuckle. :)

Thamisgith on 10/24/2012

An interesting take on a mundane subject. You made me chuckle - so thanks for that.

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