Can I use ipod dock to charge iphone 4

by Scaevola

People are wondering all the time whether or not they can use iPod docks to charge their iPhone 4.

The answer to the question Can I use iPod dock to charge iPhone 4 is a common question by people who invested money earlier in a iPod dock, for back when they used to listen to their iPod a lot. Nowadays, when the iPhone 4 is actually a great music player as well you might want to regain battery power through an iPod dock as well!

What is an iPod Dock?

Let's recap a little bit. Back when we used iPods for playing music there were some really cool docks for them. This was most of all because if you wanted to charge your iPod you had to plug in the USB cable in your iPod and in your computer. Different manufacturers played into this smart by making iPod docks which charged your iPod. Something else they did, most of them did at least, is playing music as well from the docks. There are nice docks with big audio boxes in it for instance, or when you are having troubles waking up in the morning there are beautiful alarm clock docks!

Nowadays there are also a lot of iPhone 4 docks, which can play music, or convert your iPhone to AV and HDMI. But what if you don't need those extra features you can find in a iPhone dock review, you just want to charge your iPhone, without using the adapter.

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Can I Use iPod Dock to Charge iPhone 4?

The answer is yes. You can. Most of the times, when you plug in your iPhone 4 in a iPod dock it will start charging immediately. This is because all of the outputs stayed the same for charging your smartphone/iPod. This is also the reason why you can charge your iPhone 4 with a USB cable coming from your iPod.

Mobile phone manufacturers started slowly to make set rules about how you design a phone charger and they are starting to develop a universal adapter, but Apple did this already in the charging of their i-Products!

There is a downfall though when it comes to charging your iPhone 4 in a iPod dock. You will get a message most likely saying something like 'Software is not capable to use this accessory'. So you cannot use the dock to play music for instance, which you can do with a Philips iPhone Dock, it will charge, but you will get such a message most likely.

So next time you are running out of power and you are looking for a phone charger you know the answer to can I use iPod dock to charge iPhone 4!

Updated: 06/26/2012, Scaevola
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