Candle by the Hour Coiled Beeswax Rope Candles -- Now, That Is a Mouthful

by Regi_B

If you like candles and beeswax, and burning candles, and cool home furnishings, and semi-stream-of-consciousness writing, read this.

Beeswax is pretty cool. It burns slowly and has a light, pleasant smell to it.

I like pretty cool things. Who doesn't!

In addition to beeswax, another pretty cool thing is what Candle by the Hour does with it. This product takes beeswax coiled rope candle burning to a new plain.

Well, probably not a new plain, but a plain we can appreciate, nonetheless.

What does all this mean?

If you like candles, you can like them longer with the offerings from Candle by the Hour.

Make sense? Good. Now repeat it back to me. (Just messin' with ya!)

What Makes the Candle by the Hour Different

The concept of the Candle by the Hour is simple, yet ingenious! Basically, there is a correlation between the length of a wick and how many hours a candle will burn. The wax figures in there somehow -- it's got to! (Go with me! We'll get to the point together!)

Put a longer wick in the candle -- flash! -- longer burning candle. (I am SO not a scientist!)

But, you also want the candle to only burn for "so long". That is where the clip on the Candle by the Hour comes in so handy!

Say you have got some smoochin' to do with your honey-love. Who wants to bother with blowing out candles? The Candle by the Hour's clip snuffs out the flame for you when the wick burns down to the right spot.


Now, let us have a looky-see at my favorite Candle by the Hour models.

Candle by the Hour 160-Hour Beehive Candle

The beehive-style coil of this candle is pretty neat. You can "outload" (Is that a word? Let's say it is!) up to three inches to burn at one time, then let it run down to the self-extinguishing clip.

Guests at parties love to "Ooo" and "Ahh" over these candles.

Only $47.88

Candle by the Hour 144-Hour Candle

This is the candle maker's longest lasting coiled candle not in a beehive shape. It stands over ten inches tall.

Imagine the elegant atmosphere you might set with a pair of these.

Heck! Imagine the incredible setting you will create with a gazillion of these babies! Boy howdy!

$39.75  $38.95

Candle by the Hour 36-Hour Round Table Candle, Set of 3

This model is cool in that it sets a multi-candle scene. You might use it as part of a romantic dinner, or maybe an interrogation (if that is your thing).

How you use your new Candle by the Hour is up to you.

Regi B is not here to judge. Regi B is only here to love. Candles by the Hour are love -- love and beeswax.


Any of these candles would make great holiday gifts or anytime gifts -- especially for your mom, your aunt, or maybe even steam punk super fans into neato mechanical thingies!

Updated: 03/29/2012, Regi_B
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