Cat Backpack Bubbles-Cool Or Cruel?

by LPerry

Are cat backpack bubbles something that a pet would enjoy traveling in? If you love animals, you might be wondering if these things seem a bit cruel and confining.

When you look at cat backpack bubbles, you are either going to think they are the greatest invention since sliced bread, or something terribly cruel and insensitive. There are many ways to travel with a cat, but this beats them all for innovation. The problem comes when you put yourself in your cat's place. Would you want to travel like this?

Feline Space Capsules For Earth Travels

Most of us are aware that cats are land animals, tree climbers, cushion hogs and bird watchers. Who knew that they were also capable of looking like Astronauts in space capsules? Because many of us travel with pets, manufacturers look for clever solutions to help humans carry them along. Traveling with a cat brings its own unique challenges.

It's not until you go look at all the stuff that is being invented for people who travel with pets that makes you wonder who uses them and under what circumstances. If you are curious as to whether these cat capsules can sustain your pet in a healthy manner while traveling, the following products keep that in mind.

Comes With Tinted Windows, Fan, And  A Light Source

I was surprised to see that these carriers have comfort features like fans and lights. However, If your kitty prefers piped-in music and DVD players, this one might be a tad boring.

Browsing the reviews, it was nice to read that some cats actually nap while their owner walks them wearing this.


More Like A Backpack Instead Of A Suitcase

This style of carrier reminds me of my camping and hiking days long ago. At the time, I had a Great Dane not knowing I would soon have a cat in my life. One of the things that makes traveling with a pet you love so inspiring are the memories.

This particular style comes with a soft mat, travel bowl, and security leash.

Backpack Bubbles For Cats

Solves a problem for some pet owners

Unique products like this may have traditional folks wondering if they are a waste of time and money. We can never know how a cat will react to all the newfangled pet inventions we see today. Products like this tend to be used more in suburban areas versus rural areas.

Where's the mice?

What I love about this particular cat bubble is that it comes with a generous nine vent holes and two side windows. Another attractive feature is that it weighs less than 3lbs.

 Have a look at the bells, whistles, and specifications here.

Of course, if you are taking Chunky Charlie for a walk, you will get thinner while he works up an appetite cat napping. 


Cat Legs
Cat Legs
Pixabay Free

Should Cats Be Walked Like This?

These products come in handy for safety reasons on short trips. They may be required on airplanes or public transportation.

However, for me, taking a pet for a walk means that they are using their own legs to propel themselves forward. This is not a cat walk, but a cat carry.

How Far Will We Go To Take Our Pets With Us?

If you live alone with just your precious cat for company, you are lucky indeed. Animals can be better company than humans. For this reason, many people who love to travel wouldn't dare leave their faithful companion at home alone.

It's better to have a grumpy pet than a lonely, neglected one that is eating the sofa cushions for fiber.

Please Don't Leave Me Hooman. Take Me With You In That Bubble.
Tabby Cat
Tabby Cat
Cat March by Alvesgaspar, CC BY-SA 3.0

Expandable Designs Allow For More Comfort

The expandable cat bubbles shown below are absolutely fantastic in concept and design. For one thing, they are more humane as they give your feline friend some room to move. If you haven't looked at pet carriers for awhile, the choices will astound you.

These are perfect for events that do not occur on a daily basis. Things like:

  • A visit to see Grandparents for the day.
  • A comfort ride to get nails cut or see the Vet.
  • Moving from one place to another.
  • A cave to explore if left open inside the house.

 Humane Treatment Is The First Priority

Before I started watching this You-tube, I was struck by the expression on kitty's face. Bewildered and befuddled is a good place to start. On a serious note, I think that the poor cat is much too cramped.

We should never lose our compassion and kindness for the sake of convenience. Compared to the large-windowed bubbles featured above, this design appears small and uncomfortable.

Choose a carrier with compassion, not convenience in mind.
Tinsel The Cat Wearing Glasses
Tinsel The Cat Wearing Glasses
Cardiffchestnut, CC BY-SA 3.0
Comfort is always serious business in cat world. Many felines spend hours in forums discussing their humans and whether they are up to snuff in the care department.
From stinky litter boxes to stale food, pet owners should strive to avoid scandalous accusations of less-than-stellar service. Chop chop!


To Answer The Question- Are These Cool Or Cruel?

This is my honest opinion. If you have a large cat and stuff him into a small carrier on the premise of just going for a walk, you are causing that precious kitty stress and fear. Using these products as a substitute for a real walk is only giving the owner exercise and fresh air.

On the other hand, putting your cat in one of these bubbles for a quick dash from the car to the Vets office shouldn't be too bad. He or she will be contained and safe from curious Vet patients that have sharp teeth and like to chase anything that moves.

Does your cat suffer from extra-sensitive whiskers? Having touchy whiskers could signal the need for a wider food dish.
If you are weary of cleaning your cat's litter box, you might be wondering if those automatic self-cleaning litter boxes are really worth the hype.
Updated: 02/03/2021, LPerry
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LPerry on 02/05/2021

Your cats sound lovely and well behaved. I used to just roll my cat up in a towel and walk him to the car like a baby. From there, he would commence to try and sit on my head while I was driving.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/04/2021

LPerry, Thank you for the practical information, pretty pictures and product line.
The backpack, especially the expandable, which appeals to me, appears more agreeable for perhaps two little kittens under three months or perhaps for an older cat who understands her/his human companion's commitments to safety albeit somewhat foibled.
That's the one that I'd go with even though fortunately my cats all cooperate with getting from the door to the car and back for errands and settle immediately into safe designated spaces inside a moving car.

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